Sunday, September 28, 2008


We are pretty sure that Olivia is starting to teethe. Yesterday I went out shopping on my own - for Olivia - and while I was gone apparently she was screaming and nothing could really settle her down completely. John was able to get her to sleep but she'd wake up and be fine and then start screaming again. When I got home she was okay but later in the afternoon she started crying again so I took her out in the stroller and she fell asleep. But it wasn't long before she woke up and started up again. So we took her for a drive. Again, she fell asleep like she always does in the car, but once we got home she was upset again. I had put one of her toys with water in it in the freezer before we left for the drive. It was frozen when we got back and she gnawed the heck out of it. That really made me think that she was teething. John had mentioned it earlier on but I didn't think it was time for that yet. Almost 4 months is really early, but it happens. We ended up putting some baby Orajel on and she was happy after that. Although she didn't sleep her best. Up at 11:30 (got a pacifier), ended up eating at midnight, up at 4:30 & 6:05 (again, pacifier) and then up for good at about 7:15. So it was a rough night.

She was great all morning until about 1:15 and she started with the crying and screaming again. But Orajel has again brought peace to the Dickey household. That stuff is great. She is asleep now. She needs her rest. As do I. I really should be napping. To add to the fact that I didn't sleep well, I'm also sick. Blah! Stuffy nose, sore throat, headache, developing a little of a cough. It really sucks.

Anyway, on my shopping trip yesterday I got Olivia some really cute clothes and a little chair/activity center. She is really doing well at trying to sit up on her own but she hasn't mastered it yet. The chair helps her out.

She is fascinated by anything with buttons but especially remote controls. She'll stare at them for a long time. She has really developed the ability to reach out and grab things too. So things are getting extremely interesting with her. She loves to pull my hair and anything around my neck. We're having to keep an eye on her when the cat is around because she has already pulled some clumps of hair out of Elvis. He has been very good about it though.

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