Thursday, October 30, 2008


I wanted to make a quick post about Olivia laughing. Last night was the first time that heard her really belly laugh. She has been making some ha! ha! sounds but not really like a real laugh. Until last night! It was awesome. We were doing "OG Curls" (bicep curls with her as the weight - I should really have some incredible upper body muscles with how big she is). She loves them. She also loves to have raspberries blown on her stomach and to get "the chin". She cracks up when we do that. It was such a great sound to hear her laugh! I loved it. I am going to try to get some video of it and upload it from the camera to the computer. Maybe since it'll be coming from an actual video camera and not a still picture digital camera it'll work better. Who knows.

P.S. When we were at the doctor last Friday she was 19 lb. 14.5 oz and she's not even 5 months old yet!

My "thing":
*My bookcase is organized by shelf: top shelf (left) - books I haven't read yet; top shelf (right) - books John hasn't read yet; middle shelves - favorite books, Stephen King books, sports books; bottom shelves - reference, random. Some call this anal, I call it organized.

Monday, October 27, 2008

New Blog!

Jenn and I started our new travel blog if you would like to check it out. There isn't much to it right now but there will be soon. Here is the link:

We thought it'd be fun to document our travels and share them with everyone.

My thing for the day:
*I have seen ALL of the Friday the 13th movies, including all the new ones they made recently. I didn't like any of them.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A couple of more!

I thought of some more things to add to my 100 Things list. I think I may make it a new thing that at the end of every new post I do I will add a "thing" to my list. I wonder if I can come up with a bunch more. Here are some:

*My friend Jenn and I are going to start a travel blog about all the places we go, both together and separately - Portland, OR will be first
*John and I were married on October 5 because 10 was my number in softball and 5 was John's number in baseball (and George Brett's number)
*Jenn and Sara were there for my almost puke in the porta potty (this happened when I was at Rhodes) - Sara had to knock on the door to make sure I was okay (I honestly don't know how long I was in there)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

100 Things

I saw this on another blog and thought it might be fun to see if I could come up with 100 things that you may or may not know about John, Olivia and I (and Elvis too). So here we go:

1. John is an Okie from Muskogee, just like the song (he was born in Muskogee, OK)
2. Olivia was born on her due date
3. John and I love to watch the original Japanese version of Iron Chef
4. It wasn't love at first sight for John and I
5. John is exactly 4 years and 3 weeks older than I am
6. Olivia shares a birthday with my cousin, Thomas
7. Elvis now ways less than Olivia (he is 16 lb. 11 oz - 2 pounds less than last year)
8. I love NKOTB! (Okay, you probably already knew that, but oh well)
9. I have been on two cruises
10. The first time John ever saw the ocean was on our honeymoon
11. John proposed to me on his sister's birthday
12. My first airplane ride was at 6 weeks old
13. Olivia's first airplane ride was at 11 weeks old
14. John's first airplane ride was when he was in his 20's
15. I was delivered by a nurse before the doctor could get there because I came so fast
16. I am starting to agree with John that everything is better with bacon
17. I hate the Dallas Cowboys
18. John loves the Dallas Cowboys
19. I don't know who to root for in the World Series
20. I really hope that we get along with the family that is moving in next door to us next week
21. Kelley introduced me to appletini's and now I can't get enough
22. I have known Amber since we were 5 - and I remember when Jordan was born (he's now a freshman in college - how old am I?!)
23. I wish that Olivia could have met her Grandpa Dickey
24. I still want to name a daughter Ryann
25. John will never let me do #24
26. I played fastpitch softball from the age of 7 all the way through college
27. John's favorite baseball player is George Brett
28. John cried when the Royals lost the World Series in 1980
29. John was my first real boyfriend and first real kiss
30. Olivia makes me laugh every day - even when she is in a bad mood
31. John and I can't wait until Olivia is able to chase Elvis around the house
32. Elvis tries to stay as far away from Olivia as possible since she starting grabbing his hair
33. John and I badly want to move out of Arizona
34. My sister is on a cruise right now and I wish I were too
35. I love, love, love to read
36. I don't have time to read anymore
37. I wish that I was as talented as the people on Project Runway and Top Chef
38. Olivia's favorite toys are hands
39. She loves animals too
40. I am proud of the fact that I still have some friends from when I was in elementary and high school
41. I could watch Friends every day and not get tired of it
42. I was scared to death of having a girl, now I can't imagine not having one
43. John reads mainly biographies
44. He is currently in the process of reading biographies on all the Presidents in order starting with Washington
45. I am trying to read the 100 greatest books of the 20th Century according to a reader's poll and an editor's poll
46. JB says that our kids are going to wear glasses with tape because of #44 and #45
47. I am so scared of Autism
48. I didn't enjoy my pregnancy enough - I will be sure to with #2
49. As a kid growing up I wanted to be a writer, Orthopedic Surgeon and fashion designer
50. John was valedictorian of his high school class
51. There were about 23 people in his graduating class
52. There were almost 650 in my graduating class
53. John had a 3.94 GPA in his MBA program at Baylor (seriously)
54. I did not have a 3. 94 GPA in college
55. I almost threw up in a porta potty and not because it smelled bad or I was sick
56. I love my brother and sister very much even if I don't say it very often
57. I got dumped in 6th grade because I wouldn't french kiss the guy
58. I hope that Olivia's eyes stay blue like her Daddy's
59. I love that MySpace and Facebook have allowed me to reconnect with so many people that I had lost touch with
60. I have learned so much from reading other people's blogs
61. I can't kick this Strep throat that I have and it is driving me crazy
62. I am much more emotional now after having a baby than I ever was before
63. I hate running!
64. John has never been snow skiing before and I really want to take him
65. John has had knee surgeries so I don't know that #64 will happen
66. I would happily go through my jaw surgery again because it was such a success
67. I want to do my wedding day all over again
68. John is from Porter, the peach capital of Oklahoma
69. John and I met in Memphis while working for the Memphis Redbirds
70. I still think George Strait is THE MAN!
71. I love to read anything by Sophie Kinsella
72. I am sooooooooo ready for this election to be over
73. Olivia makes everything new again - her reaction to new things that I see every day is awesome
74. Saturdays at our house are reserved for college football
75. We hate going to Wal-Mart (doesn't everybody?)
76. My childhood was the best - so carefree - I wish I were still a kid
77. I hope that Olivia will say the same thing when she grows up
78. I don't want Olivia to be an only child but I am not ready for another kid yet
79. If you had asked me in the first 3 weeks after Olivia was born if I was going to have another baby I would have said "Hell no!"
80. I have not forgotten labor and delivery
81. I didn't know how hard breastfeeding was going to be - I still don't know if I like it but I know it's what is best for Olivia
82. I was shy in high school
83. John was one of the cool kids in high school
84. I love to knit and scrapbook
85. When John and I win the lottery we are going to travel to all the Major and Minor League ballparks all over the country - in an RV
86. I love the rain!
87. I think Portland, OR is one of the coolest cities I've ever been to
88. I like having a birthday in March
89. I like having an anniversary in October
90. I hope that all my friends know how much I love them even though we don't live close
91. My parents are the best - I hope they live forever
92. I worry too much about other people and forget about myself
93. I want to go to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver and the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival in San Francisco
94. John and I argue about who is luckier
95. John's sense of humor is one of my favorite things about him
96. I love Olivia's big toothless smile - I don't want her to get any bigger!
97. As a kid (actually until high school) I used to steal my brother's chocolate candy from his Halloween loot - I don't think he ever knew - but I replaced it with the stuff I didn't want out of my bag
98. I was scared to turn 20 but I think I'm okay with turning 30
99. John is not a romantic - sometimes I wish he was
100. I can't imagine life without John or Olivia

Monday, October 20, 2008

Solids, kind of.

We started Olivia on solids on Sunday night. Well, I say solids because it wasn't breastmilk or formula. It was rice cereal mixed almost to a liquid with formula. She seemed to like it okay although the majority of it ended up on her face and belly. She is still pushing it out a lot with her tongue but she opens up wide when I hold the spoon up there. Tonight she did better and I think she'll get the hang of it soon. Although she does seem to gag sometimes and it's really funny to watch. Poor thing, always getting laughed at by her parents. We are probably going to start changing up her nightly routine so that she'll be fed before her bath. I'm sure you need no explanation why, but here are some pictures. We also got some of it on video but I still can't get video loaded on here for some reason so you'll just have to come visit us in order to see it!
She managed to whack my hand while I had a spoonful of cereal. I guess we should get used to the mess.
She sometimes seemed to want to play more than eat.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

As Promised

I am finally getting a chance to get more pictures and hopefully some video up from the NKOTB concert.

I wish that I had thought to do this to my vehicle.

Erin getting pumped and ready.

One of the opening acts, Natasha Bedingfield. She was awesome too.

Joe & Jon

We were so excited! You can't see it but I'm giving a thumbs up.

Jordan had to do a song with his shirt undone.

Olivia had her 4 month shots last week and she did really well. She now weighs 18 lb 11.5 oz and is 25.5 inches long. So that puts her in the 95th percentile for weight and 80th for length. She was diagnosed with an ear infection though. She has been on antibiotics since then and has gotten much better. Her cough is almost gone. She is still a little congested but seems like she's getting over that too. My favorite part, other than the fact that she feels better, is that she has started sleeping better too. For a while there she was up 2 or 3 times a night. That was tough to adjust to after being used to her sleeping almost 10 hours every night. We'll get back to it. We are going to start her on some solids this evening. She is ready for them even though I may not want to get her going on them. She meets all the "qualifications" for being ready for solids: doubled her birth weight, can hold her head up on her own, is interested in what we are eating, etc. Plus, my supply has really gone down since I went back to work and had to decrease the number of times I could pump so we'll probably have to start supplementing with formula too. She will still be primarily fed breastmilk but one meal a day will have the rice cereal added to it and I'll mix breastmilk and formula for her other bottles.

John and I finally got to celebrate our anniversary last night. We went to Ruth's Chris for dinner. It was so good. We had never been there before and I want to go back tonight.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I know. I said I'd get some pictures up from the concert. I haven't had a chance because Olivia had her 4 month shots yesterday so it was a bit of a rough day. Plus I was working from home and was fairly busy so I was definitely preoccupied. I will definitely get things posted this weekend. I'll also try to load some video this weekend because I got some good ones. I have been having issues loading video onto blogger so I don't know if it'll work, but I'll try. Here is a little glimpse of what Erin and I saw on Monday night.
Ahhh, Joey. Still hot!

Yes, there was choreography

Monday, October 13, 2008


New Kids concert is tonight! Woohoo. It's going to be so great. I can't even wait. I don't care what all of you say, it's going to be awesome. I am taking my camera tonight so I will try to update tomorrow with pictures.

My dad and sister are in town. They came in yesterday to see Olivia and Erin is going with me to the concert tonight. Olivia has her 4 month doctor's appointment tomorrow. She is going to get more shots at this one and since she still has a cough and is congested I'm going to have them check that too. She still seems like she feels fine but she is really snotty and coughs a lot so it concerns me. It doesn't help that her dad has a cough as well and won't go to the doctor for it but that's another story. Don't even get me started.

I put her in her baseball outfit on Saturday. She looks like a little boy in it but it doesn't matter. The outfit is perfect because there is a "10" on it. She's going to follow in her mother's footsteps. My boss says she is going to be a switch-hitting first baseman and one of my old coaches says she looks like a power-hitting second baseman. I guess we will see.
She is getting better and better at rolling over. She can pretty much do it without any help and she loves it when we cheer after she does it. Huge smiles all around. She chats up a storm too. We joke that she has a button inside her mouth because she seems to talk and talk with her fingers in her mouth. She also seems to be following her dad down the love for beer road. I was sitting with my glass of Blue Moon and Framboise (a great combo!) and she bit the rim of the glass for about 10 minutes. I'm sure it felt great against her gums since she still seems to be teething, but it is a funny picture.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mustache 4 Cash

Check out my friend, Jenn's, blog: or use the link to the right for Kearneyville. Jenn's husband, Rian, is growing a mustache during the month of October in the name of charity. I can't wait to see if he ends up with a porn stache. =) It's going to be awesome. Here is some more information:

I also forgot to update my countdown for NKOTB. 5 days! Erin comes in on Sunday.
The Coyotes have their home opener on Saturday. Go 'Yotes. We're crossing our fingers that they improve over last year. They made some huge strides as such a young team and are getting better every year. Wayne is coaching them up good. =) John is going to the Cardinals/Cowboys game on Sunday. I hope the Cardinals beat the crap out of them.

Monday, October 6, 2008

6 years!

Yesterday John and I celebrated our 6th anniversary! 6 years! It has gone by so fast and so much has changed. Though I wouldn't call it much of a celebration. That has been postponed until October 18 because all three of us are sick. I went to the doctor last week and they said I probably had strep and bronchitis so they put me on some antibiotics. John probably got the same thing. Olivia had conjunctivitis (basically pink eye) and a cold, so she gets eye drops 3 times a day and has to have her nose sprayed with a saline solution. Her cough has gotten a bit worse but the doctor said not to worry about it until she's had it for 2 weeks. Her eyes are better though. It was quite the sickbed here this weekend. My mom came out (she was going to anyway so that we could go to dinner on Saturday night) and we were able to get a couple of good night's sleep because she got up with Olivia. We really needed that. I am so glad to have her!
Olivia is now 18 pounds and 4 months old. She has started rolling over and reaching and grabbing things. She especially likes to reach out and grab Elvis. And I don't think that the rolling over is always intentional. She isn't a fan of being on her stomach and sometimes she gets mad enough when she is on her stomach and she rolls her self over. She sometimes has a very surprised look on her face when all of sudden she is on her back. It's pretty funny. But she does love it when we cheer for her. We've added the rotating activity tray to her seat so she can sit and play at the same time. She really does seem to like it and will sit there long enough to allow us to get little chores done here and there. That's one of the things that is nice about her getting older - she is more and more able to entertain herself. It will be nice when I can just sit her in the pack n play and let her go to town. We have a few more months before that happens, but we're getting there.