Monday, October 27, 2008

New Blog!

Jenn and I started our new travel blog if you would like to check it out. There isn't much to it right now but there will be soon. Here is the link:

We thought it'd be fun to document our travels and share them with everyone.

My thing for the day:
*I have seen ALL of the Friday the 13th movies, including all the new ones they made recently. I didn't like any of them.


Kelley said...

I hate all of the Friday the 13th movies. As a matter of fact, I am not a fan of horror movies at all!!

Olivia's Mommy said...

Hi there,
I am writing back to you, you left me a note on my blog which I just saw...We both have Olivia Grace's! How funny!!! It was fun to read your blog...I will have to bookmark and keep up with your Olivia too!