Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First Dr.'s appointment

I had my first office visit on Monday. Nothing special, just met with my Dr.'s nurse. They took some blood and then gave me all sorts of stuff to read and look at. John and I have to talk about some optional testing that we can have done and then I'll have to call my insurance company and see if they cover the testing. I'm planning on doing that today. We'll see if that acually happens.

As far as the morning sickness is going, I'm doing better with it, although today is not the best day so far. It's still not the best feeling, but I've gotten some tricks down that seem to be helping. I eat saltines before I even get out of bed in the morning, and then I make sure I sit down and eat something for breakfast. Right now it's a bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Squares or frosted mini-wheats. I am still having a hard time with food. Nothing sounds good. I did make an actual dinner the other night which was a nice change. Poor John has been eating so terribly because of me. I feel bad for the guy. Right now vegetables are not my friend and I am not really having cravings, so much as moments of something sounding really good. Then if I eat it I can only eat a few bites before I feel full or sick. Being pregnant is just awesome!

And by the way, I already think I look pregnant. My belly is poking out. I don't know if it's from the actual pregnancy or whether it's from bloating or good old weight gain. Part of it is bloating I'm sure. I have put on a few pounds but not enough to be the difference that I see around my waist. It makes it a little bit harder to dress. I am trying to continue to exercise. I don't have much energy but I try to walk on a treadmill at least every other day and do some crunches and push-ups. It makes me feel better so I make a point to try to do it.

Other than that and other common symptoms of pregnancy I am feeling alright. Although I'm a bit of a downer for John. All I want to do is sleep on the weekends. Which I'm sure is not fun for him some of the time. Other times I'm sure he enjoys it.

I plan on letting the cat out of the bag this weekend to the rest of my family. It is driving my mom crazy not being able to tell anyone, and I figure 8 weeks is an okay time to tell family. I can't wait to hear everyone's reactions!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Almost 7 weeks

I told John the other day that if I feel this crappy throughout this pregnancy we are only having one. That's it. I feel really bad. Actually, today is not too bad. I'm trying to figure out what is going to work for me as far as reducing nausea. Monday and Tuesday were really bad. I bought some SeaBands and have been wearing them for 2 days. They seem to be working okay. I also bought some fresh ginger and lemons to sniff because that is supposed to help as well. It seems to be helping some too. Although today I have a headache. I would much rather have a headache than nausea though. JB reminded me yesterday that I only have 2 months left of it. Thanks.

I'm having a hard time with the eating too. Nothing sounds good to me. I'll have random moments when John will suggest something and I'll want it, but most of the time if I sit and look in the pantry or refrigerator, nothing will look appetizing. And I find that I am prefering things that don't smell that much. My sense of smell is definitely heightened. Yesterday at lunch one of my coworkers brought back mexican food from one of my favorite places and I almost lost it. I got up and walked to the bathroom thinking I was going to puke. I didn't, but came very close. And I almost fell asleep at my desk during lunch.

My family was so excited when I told them on Thursday. I told Erin and my dad first. Then my mom later. I told them the same way. We got to talking about our sailing trip in May and I told them that I wouldn't be able to go. When they asked why, I told them that you're really not supposed to travel during your third trimester. I think it took a moment for it to register what I said. Erin and Dad looked at me like I was crazy. Dad said, You're shitting me! And Erin said, You're not pregnant already? I said, No and Yes. They cried and laughed and it was very nice. I told Mom the same way, but she had food in her mouth that she ended up spitting out in shock. She cried too. Danny, of course, was the only one who didn't cry, but he seemed excited too. I did end up telling my boss on Monday. I was feeling so terrible and I wanted him to know why so he didn't think I was slacking. Other than that, no one except Sara and JB (and Ryan) know at this point.

My reunion ended up being fun. I got to see several of my friends and we had a really nice time. Other than the football game and the party I didn't do much. I spent a lot of time sleeping and sitting on the couch. Sunday we had Jennifer's shower which I really enjoyed, especially the chocolate bars in the diapers game. Hilarious.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I am telling my parents tomorrow when I get home for my reunion weekend. I went to the doctor this past Monday to confirm and their test was positive too. So, yes, right now I am 5 weeks and 6 days. But I'm freaking out a little bit because this week I have had two instances of spotting. Although it is not heavy or accompanied by severe cramping it still worries me. I've seen where it is a common thing that happens at this point because the placenta is growing and the umbilical cord is becoming viable, etc. so there may be some bleeding. But the fact that it is still so early on and the risk of miscarriage is still pretty high, it makes me nervous. I sent an e-mail to my Dr.'s office asking if I should be concerned. I guess I'll just wait to hear back from them. I go back for my first pre-natal appointment on October 22 where I'll have all my bloodwork and all of that done. John will also be going with me.

My parents are going to flip! John is going to miss their reactions and he is disappointed. He's going to tell his mom on thursday or friday too. It sucks being so far from everyone because we can't tell them in person. Everyone is going to be so excited when we finally spread the news. JB and Sara are the only ones who know at this point. We are going to wait until around 10 weeks or so to start telling everyone else. Just to be safe.

I am having a really hard time with the eating right now. I have more or less been on Weight Watchers for the last 3 years or so. It has been hard for me to get through my head that I don't need to be eating to lose weight. I'm am not used to counting calories, and I feel like I am eating so much, even though I've figured that I've upped my amount to about what I would eat if I were trying to maintain my weight. I actually went out and bought some Slim-Fast shakes and bars because they are about the right amount of calories and they have so many vitamins and minerals that I need. They say you should only eat about 300 calories more per day, and maybe even less than that earlier on. That is one thing that I will discuss at my appointment on the 22nd. I am still working out as usual but am finding that I get tired much more quickly. I have been asleep before 10 several times this week, and that is unusual for me. I have just been exhausted. Other than that I really haven't had many side effects (knock on wood). I have felt pretty good.

Yes, 10 year high school reunion this weekend. It will be interesting. It makes me feel so old to know that I am old enough to have already been out of high school for 10 years. Ugh. I am really only going to see a few people, and there is going to be a baby shower on Sunday for Jenn (Olivier) Keel, so that will be fun.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Ummm . . .

Positive test last night! My period was three days late and I couldn't wait. Not knowing was killing me. So after John and I got back from Dallas yesterday (which ended in the loss of his bag, though it was later found and returned) we stopped at the store for groceries and I went ahead and picked an EPT up. I waited until after dinner almost before bed time because I didn't have to go to the bathroom and I didn't want to waste the tester. I took the test and 2 minutes later I had a very distinct positive sign. It actually became dark very quickly, so I guess my HCG was pretty high. I have a doctor's appointment next Monday for a confirmation test, and then after that, I don't know what happens.

After the test showed positive I had a mini freak out session. I was shaking. John was surprised and excited when I put the test on the counter in front of him while he was shaving. Luckily he was pretty much done so he didn't cut himself. Of course he proceeded to say that we were going to have a little Troy Switzer. Uh, no. Today has been a bit better for me. I didn't sleep well last night. In fact I ended up infront of the computer from 2:30-3, after waking up at 2 unable to fall back asleep. I am a little calmer now, but still have my moments of "What was I thinking? There is no way I'm ready for this!" etc. I'm sure that's normal. But then I start thinking of everything we need to do to get ready for this baby. Do we have time? I'm going to have to recruit family members to help, so if anyone wants to volunteer in advance for painting, replacing carpet with laminate floors, etc., you are more than welcome. =)

I've had some inkling that I was probably pregnant for about a week, although a lot of the symptoms I had been experiencing were similar to those that happen before a period. I had cramping for about an hour on Sept. 24, which was probably the implantation of the zygote. Then I had some thicker vaginal discharge which was probably the build up of the mucus plug. Lovely. But right now I feel okay. My abdomen is a little uncomfortable, almost like I'm sore. But really, knock on wood, I haven't felt sick yet. If you go by my the start of my last menstrual cycle I am about 4 weeks along with a due date of about June 5. I'll firm that up at the Dr.'s appointment.

This past weekend we were in Dallas for Noel's baby shower and to see the rest of my family. We had such a wonderful time. Thank you to all of you who made it so much fun! We hope to see all of you very soon. I have a bunch more pictures, but these will have to do for now.

This week is a busy week. The D-Backs start the NLDS versus the Cubs on Wednesday and John and I are going, then the Coyotes' opening night is Thursday and we are going to that as well. Friday is our 5th wedding anniversary (!) and we're going to a nice dinner that night with another hockey game on Saturday. Maybe. I may bow out of that one. The Dallas weekend was non-stop and exhausting and I won't have time to catch up. Although I do have Monday off for Columbus Day. Gotta love government holidays. I'll post more after my appointment next week.