Monday, September 26, 2011

7 Months Old!

The boys are now 7 months old and for their seven month birthday they decided to give me the gift of having to take care of them while they both have colds.  It's been great.  Both are extremely congested and snotty so sleeping has been difficult, especially for Jake who really loves his pacifier.  It is hard to breathe and suck on a pacifier at the same time when you can't get any air through your nose!  But we're dealing with it and I have to believe that every night here on out is going to get better.

In addition to a cold they both each have a tooth!  Jake got his first tooth on a Friday and Zach got his the following Monday.  I did not expect them to get their first teeth that close together, or this early, especially since Olivia didn't get her first tooth until she was ten and a half months.  Even more coincidental is that they got a tooth in the same spot - lower right front.  I'm guessing that Jake will gloat over getting a tooth first as I'm sure he will about being older too.
The weather has (kind of) started cooling off so if we can get out early enough in the morning for walks it isn't so bad.  The boys, and Olivia, really like it.
I don't know their exact heights and weights but I do know that Jake is still bigger.  Zach is catching up though.  He consistently eats more than Jake (recently at least).  I'd guess Jake to be around 19 pounds or more and Zach at around 18.  They are both tall.  I recently had to buy some 12m pajamas for Jake because he's just too long for 9m that both he and Zach normally wear.  Here are some pictures from the 7 month pictures I took of them.  I don't know why I am even bothering with the blue blanket backdrop.  It doesn't look very good and is falling over.  Oh well.
Baby boy Zach.
Zach loves anything shiny or with buttons.  He is particularly fascinated by remote controls and anything around mom's neck.  This can become painful for me when he doesn't want to let go of my necklaces.  One of his other favorite things are magazines, or other pieces of paper.  He spent about 15 minutes tearing up a Huggies ad yesterday.  I don't know why.  Olivia was the same way.  At least we know now how to entertain him when we need to distract him.  He is pretty fearless.  He'll climb all over John and I and up onto the arms of couches or chairs to go after something.  It is not odd to have to grab onto his legs to prevent him from going headfirst off the side of the couch or over the arm of our big chair in the pursuit of some incredibly interesting item.  I also can't count the number of times he has seen Jake with his pacifier in his mouth and gone of our and snatched it right out of Jake's mouth.
Middle child Jake.
Jake still lives up to the nickname "Smash".  Whereas Zach wants to grab things to see what it is, Jake wants to grab things to see how loudly he can bang them.  It doesn't matter what it is, he wants to whack it to make noise.  This includes mom and dad's arms, hands, legs and faces.  Just this week he is getting the clapping motion down and when he is excited (and on his stomach) he'll kick his feet and clap his hands together.  He is our wrecking ball and is into everything.  And I do mean everything.  We've had to close the door to the man room because he's been eyeballing the bobbleheads.  Discussion of acquiring a baby pen has started but we can't figure out where we have the most room for it.  The free rein they have right now is not going to last as they get bigger.  Jake is still our dramatic one and is a pickier eater than Zach.  He doesn't seem to like raspberries at all and will act like he's gagging if he doesn't like what you are giving him.
Oooh, I want that thing in your hands, Mom!
Dad's a funny guy!
Had to get all 3 of them!
Typical Zach trying to climb over someone to get what he wants.  And typical happy-go-lucky Jake.
Jake's best, "But I'm an angel, Mom" face.  Mmmhmm, I know better.
Oooh, neat!
The boys still aren't exactly crawling. They army crawl so getting around isn't an issue but once they figure out how to go more than one or two strides on their hands and knees we're in big trouble because they are already all over the place and when they conquer the traditional crawl they are going to be so much faster.  This is one of Jake's favorite places to end up.  I think it is because he can then reach the cord for the floor lamp.  We've had to move him away from cords lots of times already.  He and Zach have also pulled over one of our fake trees several times.

I can't forget to include Olivia in this update.  She is our little princess.  She had originally said that she wants to be Whyatt from SuperWhy for Halloween but I think we are onto a princess now.  Who knows what it will be in a month when the holiday actually rolls around.  This is the "princess outfit" that she puts together for herself.  Love the skirt pushed up by the tutu.  =)  I don't know what's up with her tiara either.
I don't know why she smiles like this with her nose all scrunched up.  It's not her natural smile.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Olivia Says . . .

I am terrible at writing down the funny things that Olivia says but I am going to do my best to get things down when I hear them so that I don't forget.  In that vein here are some things that we have recently heard from Olivia that have been funny (of course without an intent to be funny because that is what makes them funnier!):

"When I get 21 I can have wine!" - Yes, she said "when I get 21".  Maybe I shouldn't drink wine around her so she doesn't get used to seeing it in the house.  Too late!

Me - "Olivia, tomorrow is Busha's birthday.  You want to call and say happy birthday to her?"
O - "No.  Let's just send a text message."  - Really?  You're 3 and you would already rather text?

Kimber, our daycare provider, and I were talking about another of the kids whose parents just got a puppy for the little boy to play with and I was saying that maybe the kid (who is already a bit of a handful to start with) and the dog could run around and wear each other out.  Kimber said that they already had 4 dogs, so I replied, "Well, what's one more when you already have 4?".  Olivia says, "Five".  - Yes, that is correct.  She is too smart for us already.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Boston, Day 2 - Fenway!

This was the day that I was really looking forward to.  From the day we decided on Boston we had hoped to get tickets to a Red Sox game.  Luckily, Mike was able to score us some awesome seats.  And I do mean awesome.

Saturday morning was beautiful so we decided to walk Newbury Street which was 2 blocks from our hotel.  It is considered to be like the "Rodeo Drive of Boston".  It was awesome.  Any designer store you could imagine was there.  It was too early to shop so we spent a lot of time ogling the window displays.  It's not like I could afford much in the stores anyway!  But it was fun to look.  I did notice there was an H&M though and hoped to make my way back at some point.

We eventually stopped for breakfast and then headed back toward the hotel, with a stop at a liquor store, Clarendon Wine, to prepare for what we thought might be our day holed up in the hotel because of Irene.  The shop was small but the people working were nice. 

We met Mike at the hotel and then jumped on the T for Fenway with what seemed like the rest of Boston.  I was giddy!  All of you know what a baseball fan I am and the fact that I was going to Fenway was so exciting to me.  It is one of those ballparks that all baseball fans HAVE to see at least once.  It is absolutely beautiful.  I wanted to take a walk around the entire concourse but didn't get the chance.  Next time.  I still have to take John (who was very jealous I got to go)!

We picked up our tickets on Landsdowne Street and headed for the best gate to enter.  Here are some of my first views of Fenway.
We picked up our tickets here.
View down Landsdowne Street
Where we took the elevator to our seats
My first view of the field.  Incredible!
The Green Monster!
We got to our seats in the middle of the first inning and immediately ordered some beers.  Sara decided she was going to try to keep up with Steve.  Let's just say that she tried her hardest but it didn't happen.  We really didn't order much food so I can't speak to the quality, but my pretzel and daiquiris were good!
This is the view from our seats.  We were at picnic tables in right field with no one in front of us.

The bullpens were just below us.

Sara enjoying the view.

Our menu for the day - our tickets came with a food/drink credit so we took advantage!
Mike getting fresh with the Red Sox mascot, Wally.
The front bands of Irene rolling in.
Eventually Irene made her presence known and the rain started to come down.  There were at least two rain delays during our game (the Red Sox decided to schedule a double-header for Saturday since Sunday's game was more than likely going to be rained out), but they did get it and the second game in.  Here are some pictures of us waiting out the rain.

We didn't have umbrellas so Steve and Diane improvised.

Shame on you, Sara!

We left in the 7th inning and headed for dinner.  I had heard a lot of good things about Legal Sea Foods and there was one right around the corner from our hotel so we met there after a quick stop for Sara and I at the hotel.  It lived up to all the positive reviews I had seen.  I had the Legal Crab Cakes Combo with shrimp and scallops and it was awesome!  Everywhere we ate while on this trip was really good.  I wish I could eat that well on a daily basis.

After dinner Mike had to drive back to Connecticut before they shut down the highways for the hurricane and we all decided it was time to turn in.  We were interested to see what Irene was going to bring us the following day.  I also found out that evening that my flight had been cancelled the following day and when I called JetBlue they had also cancelled all their flights in/out of Boston for Monday too.  I was able to rebook for Tuesday evening - exactly 48 hours later than I had been planning to leave.  Boo.  But it all ended up working out pretty well in the end.

Friday, September 16, 2011

First Haircut

I (finally) took Olivia for her first haircut last week.  Yes, she is 3 years and 3 months and has never had her hair cut.  She desperately needed it but mom was holding out.  Liv was all for it.  She said she wanted to cut her hair "short like mommy's".  I nixed that.  I'm not ready for it. 

I have been so scared to cut off all her beautiful curls for fear that they won't come back since the rest of her hair is straight.  But the girl couldn't go any longer with her hair the way it was.  It would just hang there and get in the way and get food in it.  It doesn't help that O doesn't like to leave her rubberbands or bows in either.

So I sucked it up and took her to get it cut and she did great.  I got mine done first so she'd know what to expect.  She was more excited about sitting in the chair to watch than anything else.

She chose to not have her hair washed so the stylist just wet it with a spray bottle.  Something she was used to because Kimber, our day care provider, does the same thing when she fixes Olivia's hair.  (Yes, most mornings I can't fix her hair so Kimber will end up doing it.  I'm a terrible mother, I know.)
Anyway, Olivia jumped onto the booster when I was done and was a champ.  She kept her chin down when asked and didn't whimper, whine or cry about any of it.  It was awesome!  Once again, Olivia impresses me when I'm not sure how she'll react.

Her hair is now about 4 or 5 inches shorter and layered.  I did keep some of her hair, some of her wonderful curls, just in case they don't return.  They haven't so far.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Little Comments

Twins (and other multiples) draw a lot of attention.  You all know this, I'm sure, whether you have multiples or not.  They're kind of a novelty and you notice them when you see them.  Don't say you don't!

When we're out we get comments all the time:

"Twins?  Oh my gosh!"
"How old are they?" (or "What are they?" - Yes, even now as they are obviously boys)
"Wow!  I can't imagine two."
"Better you than me!" (I haven't replied "Yes, it is" to this yet, but who would say this?!)

You get the idea.

Those comments are ones that people make TO us.  Most of the time this doesn't bother me.  I get that twins are cool (I think so!) and different.

We also hear comments ABOUT us as we walk by:

"Can you imagine what I'd be like if I had two newborns?!" (This from a woman who was holding a brand new baby - probably only a couple of weeks old.  I thought that was funny because I totally get it considering how I was after Olivia was born.)
"Oh my gosh, twins.  How cute." (Yes, they are)
"Oh my gosh, twins." (Said in a tone that obviously means they're glad it wasn't them)

And the most popular:

"I'm so glad there was only one." (in reference to their own pregnancy)

For whatever reason I got really irritated when I heard this on Saturday while I was at Target with John, Olivia and the boys.  Olivia decides, as she always does when we're at a store, that she has to go to the bathroom.  So I tell John just to take her and I'll wait with the babies.  I'm pushing the double stroller and pulling our cart around the baby section when I heard a woman say it to whoever she was with.

I kind of took it personally against my boys.  I know, it doesn't make sense, but whatever.  How could someone not want two of the sweetest babies ever?  How could you not want these two little men greeting you with huge smiles and squeals in the morning?  Who wouldn't want big, wet, sloppy Jake kisses on their face or to hear Zach belly laugh when you tickle him?

I guess, now that I have two, I can't imagine having just one.  I totally understand what a person means when they say they're glad they only had 1.  I am totally guilty of being THAT person who makes those comments - I even laughed when I heard my sister-in-law was having twins.  This was before we found out that we were too.  Even now when I think of having more than two it crosses my mind that I'm glad it wasn't more than that.  Two is hard!  Really hard!  I can't imagine having another on top of that (especially with the night we had last night!).  One would have been so much easier but we were given two and we do what we have to do.  And if we had been given three or more we would have taken it on full speed ahead.

Anyway, it was stupid, and John made me feel better by saying that he was glad we had two.  I don't know that I've ever heard him say it even though I know it is true.  Give a point to the hubby!

And I couldn't agree with him more.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Boston - Day 1

One of my very best friends, JB, is pregnant with her first child.  Instead of going to one of her showers, one of my other best friends, Sara, and I decided with JB that we should meet up for a girls' weekend.  We narrowed it down to NYC, Chicago or Boston and since the Red Sox were in town the weekend we were meeting we decided to go there.  It's too bad you can't predict accurate weather forecasts 2 months in advance.
Our trip was Hurricane Irene weekend.  Lovely.  Of course, we didn't care.  It ended up being a non-issue other than the fact that our flights were cancelled (mine for 2 days) and we had to spend some extra time in Boston.  I just felt so bad that I was gone for a couple extra nights and that my dad had to stick around for 2 extra days to help John out with the kids (my mom had to leave Monday so it was just John and my dad for 2 nights but they did great!).

I will just say that I LOVE Boston.  It is one of my favorite cities.  It is totally walkable and the public transportation system is so easy to use.

I was the first to arrive on Friday morning.  I had taken the red-eye in and got there at about 6:30 a.m.  I grabbed my bag and took the T to our hotel, the Boston Park Plaza (highly recommended!), in the Back Bay area of Boston and just about a block from Boston Common.  It is on the registry of historic hotels.  Luckily they were able to get me into a room right away so that I could rest for a little bit before I met my Aunt Robin for breakfast at one of the hotel's restaurants.  It was great to see my aunt and I of course showed her pictures of the boys and Olivia.  We talked about my cousins, one of which had just deployed to Afghanistan, and my uncle who was trying to get back from Nigeria before Irene hit.  It was really nice to sit and chat because we don't see them that often.

JB and Sara arrived early afternoon, as did JB's parents.  Our first stop was happy hour at the original Cheers bar.  We had some beers and appetizers before heading out toward the North End, also known as the Little Italy section of Boston.  It was a bit of a walk but it was a really nice evening.  I didn't get any pictures unfortunately.  Sorry!

We had gotten some recommendations for restaurants and pastry places.  It was a feast weekend and there were a ton of people on the streets.  We walked through a cool little farmer's market with some beautiful produce and eventually stopped at Modern Pastry where I picked up a cannoli and another chocolate peanut bar torrone.  My aunt had said that if there wasn't a line at one of the pastry places to take advantage and go in.  So I did.

We went to a restaurant called Ristorante Fiore for dinner and while we were eating a marching band walked down the street in front of our restaurant.  Totally random but I had been warned that this might happen.  Sara and I had the Bombolotti al Forno.  It was so good! 

After dinner we walked a little bit further down Hanover Street and came across Mike's Pastry.  This place had a line but we braved it anyway.  There was a sign that said that there wasn't a single file line and to please just move up to the next available service person.  It didn't take long to get up there and have to make a very difficult decision.  What to get!  They had probably 2 dozen or more types of cannolis and as many different types of cookies with some cheesecake thrown in there for good measure.  I ordered the amaretto cannoli.

Yes, I got 2 cannolis.  No, I didn't eat both of them that night.  But in case anyone is wondering I liked the Mike's Pastry one better though both were really good.

It was getting late at this point so we jumped on the T back to our hotel.  I was seriously looking forward to a night of uninterrupted sleep on a comfortable bed!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

6 Month Update!

I have officially made it through what most twin moms say is the hardest part.  The first 6 months.  And I have lived to tell all about it!  I'm not gonna lie.  It was tough.  Really tough.  But it has definitely gotten progressively better as the boys have gotten older.  Bedtimes are easier.  They are both pretty good at putting themselves to sleep.  Feedings are going well.  Jake still spits up a lot but they are both really enjoying solids and are taking less breastmilk (I really need to reduce my pump sessions since we're running out of room in the freezer!).

It is tough to go places with them only because of nap schedules.  I have them on two naps a day for sure.  Sometimes it is three if it seems they need one late in the afternoon/early evening.  I don't like to mess with their naps and they like to fall asleep in their carseats so I don't want to take them anywhere during non-nap times so that they don't fall asleep in the car.  It makes getting errands done a little bit harder but we figure it out.  Sam's is our big family trip for the week and we usually do that after their first nap of the day.

At their 6 month check-up Jake weighed 18 lb 8 oz and was 28.5 inches tall.  His nickname is "Smash" because he just bangs around everything we give him and when we put him in the Exersaucer he bounces around it like a pinball.  The other day he pulled over one of our fake trees on top of himself and thought it was funny.  He's that kid.  But he's incredibly sweet and still a mama's boy.  He will wrap his arms around my neck and give "Jakey kisses" as I've deemed them.  Big open mouth on the cheek.  I love them!  He's an awesome sitter and is all over his crib and the floor trying to roll away.  We'll have to keep an eye on this one.

He doesn't look so much like an old man anymore!
Zach is a big boy as well.  Catching up to his brother but still smaller at 16 lbs 14 oz and 27.5 inches.  He is our thinker and could be more of the bully between the two.  He'll take Jake's pacifier from him (I think he does it because he can) and other things to get under Jake's skin.  It's pretty funny.  He is a lot more vocal on a regular basis than his brother (though the volume is a little lower).  He seems to enjoy experimenting with his voice and different sounds.  He isn't crawling yet but it won't be long.  He can get up on his knees and hands and sometimes rock but he isn't quite there.  We're in trouble when these two get mobile.

 I got a text from our day care provider yesterday and it appears that the boys had their first fight.  I guess Zach pulled Jake's ear, so Jake pulled Zach's hair.  They had to be separated.  =)  Not surprising that Zach started it.  Though just this morning Jake was rolled over almost on top of Zach and was trying to gnaw on his arm.  No telling with these guys!
Here, brother, let me help you with that sticker.
Liv wanted in on the pictures too.