Thursday, September 22, 2011

Olivia Says . . .

I am terrible at writing down the funny things that Olivia says but I am going to do my best to get things down when I hear them so that I don't forget.  In that vein here are some things that we have recently heard from Olivia that have been funny (of course without an intent to be funny because that is what makes them funnier!):

"When I get 21 I can have wine!" - Yes, she said "when I get 21".  Maybe I shouldn't drink wine around her so she doesn't get used to seeing it in the house.  Too late!

Me - "Olivia, tomorrow is Busha's birthday.  You want to call and say happy birthday to her?"
O - "No.  Let's just send a text message."  - Really?  You're 3 and you would already rather text?

Kimber, our daycare provider, and I were talking about another of the kids whose parents just got a puppy for the little boy to play with and I was saying that maybe the kid (who is already a bit of a handful to start with) and the dog could run around and wear each other out.  Kimber said that they already had 4 dogs, so I replied, "Well, what's one more when you already have 4?".  Olivia says, "Five".  - Yes, that is correct.  She is too smart for us already.

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