Thursday, February 10, 2011

38 weeks

This is going to be short and sweet.  Hopefully.  Because I want to go sit my ass on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.

I hit 38 weeks yesterday.  The babies still are not here and after our bio-physical profile today it looks as though they are going to stay in until my scheduled induction date of February 16th.  We are supposed to call an hour before our 3 a.m. show time to make sure we can still come in.  I don't even care that it is 3 in the morning.  I am just ready for the boys to be out.

The ultrasound lady today said she thinks baby A will be a little over 8 pounds when he is born.  She said that they are going to check with my doctor's office to see what the weights ended up being.  I guess everyone is so surprised/impressed that I have made it this long.

I for one am just done.  In the last couple of days I've started having a hard time breathing and I'm having more and more pubic pain but I suppose I can make it another 6 days though I'm trying to will them out earlier.  And at this point I don't even care if they are born on Valentine's Day (I had been dead set against it).

So here I am at 38 weeks.  I will take another one the night before I go in to the hospital.
In comparison, here is a shot of me at 39 weeks with Olivia:
Just a slight difference, huh?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

37 week update

Honestly, there really isn't much of an update at all.  Not much is happening on the baby front as far as any sort of progression.  Last week, at my 36 week appointment, I was dilated to 1 centimeter.  Woo hoo.  That basically means nothing.  I was also not effaced at all so the boys are nice and snug in there.  Which is good because we have had highs in the 40's here for the last couple of days and it has dropped below freezing at night.  Nothing like what my friends are experiencing in Colorado and the Northeast but still cold for us.

O and I did have lunch and play date with our friends Andi and Landon last week and Andi made these awesome blankets and burp cloths for the boys.  She is so talented (and I think still available to custom make stuff for you so if you want to order let me know and I'll get you in contact with her).  I LOVE that they are Elvis print and just different enough to know which is which.  Olivia has already started assigning items to each baby and calls each of them by name.  Yes, O knows there names.  No, we are still not telling what they are.
We also took the time to get both car seat bases installed into my car.  We will do John's this weekend probably.  It was a tight fit but they are in.  It is just going to be interesting getting all 3 of them in there at once.  Olivia is going to have to do a lot of climbing in and out by herself, though she does that now so I don't think it'll be an issue.  I think she is going to like being able to look at and entertain the babies.  I've already told her that she can help mommy and daddy by making sure the babies get their pacifiers if they fall out of their mouths or lovies if they can't reach them.  I think she's looking forward to being a big sister.  We'll see how long that lasts.
And now for the belly shots.  I am huge.  Very little of my clothing fits.  I am having a difficult time sleeping at night and I can't eat a lot because there is no room.  Though gaining weight doesn't seem to be a problem.  =)  Last week, at our growth ultrasound, baby A was measuring at 7' 13" and baby B was at 6' 10".  I don't think they are quite that big.  Yet.  And the measurements could be off by as much as a pound so we've got some leeway there.  They are both still head down (and my doctor did mention today that he thinks A is locked into place and won't flip) so I am still planning on attempting a vaginal delivery as long as baby B cooperates and doesn't move.  As far as when the babies will come that is still up in the air.  The doctor did say that he won't induce, if it does actually come to that, until 39 weeks.  That's February 16th people.  2 weeks away!  Ugh.  Anyway, hopefully the boys will decide to come before that - I'm hoping by February 11th at the latest.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!
33 weeks
35 weeks (somehow we missed a 34 week shot)
36 weeks
37 weeks (taken last night) - you can't even see where my boobs start or end anymore