Thursday, February 10, 2011

38 weeks

This is going to be short and sweet.  Hopefully.  Because I want to go sit my ass on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.

I hit 38 weeks yesterday.  The babies still are not here and after our bio-physical profile today it looks as though they are going to stay in until my scheduled induction date of February 16th.  We are supposed to call an hour before our 3 a.m. show time to make sure we can still come in.  I don't even care that it is 3 in the morning.  I am just ready for the boys to be out.

The ultrasound lady today said she thinks baby A will be a little over 8 pounds when he is born.  She said that they are going to check with my doctor's office to see what the weights ended up being.  I guess everyone is so surprised/impressed that I have made it this long.

I for one am just done.  In the last couple of days I've started having a hard time breathing and I'm having more and more pubic pain but I suppose I can make it another 6 days though I'm trying to will them out earlier.  And at this point I don't even care if they are born on Valentine's Day (I had been dead set against it).

So here I am at 38 weeks.  I will take another one the night before I go in to the hospital.
In comparison, here is a shot of me at 39 weeks with Olivia:
Just a slight difference, huh?


Cindy said...

you look wonderful!

Mom said...

Take the basketball out from under your top!

Mandy said...

I had some difficulty breathing when I was pregnant with Logan and it wasn't fun at all. I'm sorry to hear you've been going through that! Hope you're staying as comfortable as possible. You look wonderful :)

Elaine said...

2 MORE DAYS!!!!!!