Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Day in the Life

I am doing my best to get posts up but, obviously, I am doing a poor job of it considering it has been 2 weeks since I last posted something.  I'll attribute that to the fact that my supervisor at work left and they transferred one of our administrative people to another unit so I am essentially doing the work of three people.  The upside is that I will hopefully get the supervisory position permanently and the pay raise that goes along with it.  Fingers crossed!

We were also out of town for almost a week on our Houston/Memphis trip and that is going to be a whole other post at some point in the future.  I'll just say that we survived and that the boys were awesome!  Liv and I were the ones that struggled.  But all in all we had a really good time.

The best I can do right now is a week/day in the life type post.

The weather has started getting really beautiful so we've been spending more time outdoors which Olivia, and the boys, love.  O especially likes getting into her hippo pool and splashing around.
The boys enjoy watching her and getting splashed by the water she pushes out of the pool toward them.

I really do try to keep the house as neat as possible but with two now mobile babies and a 3 1/2 year old it can be difficult as evidenced by the scene after one Saturday morning.  It had been nice and clean when we woke up (and the tree has since been sold at a garage sale as the boys thought it was great to pull it over on top of themselves multiple times).

I really don't even bother picking up until Sunday evening.  I just couldn't go back to work on Monday knowing my house was a pig-sty. 

Jake and Zach also love the vertical blinds.  I myself don't but that is beside the point.  Here Jake is making as much noise as possible with them (as he does with almost everything else he can get his hands on).

Of course we have to bang pots, pans and tupperware in addition to stepstools.  And eating the spoons and spatulas is a requirement.  It is funny to me that in some of these pictures the boys are wearing identical outfits which is something I rarely do but somehow end up in all my pictures.
O got "creative" on Jake's head with one of her dry erase markers.

The boys, Zach especially, love paper.  Here they are "reading" a magazine that I had finished.  They didn't want to wait until I was done but they were very patient.

We have entered a new phase of babyhood in that the boys can now crawl and pull up to standing.  It has been interesting to say the least.  We have removed the mobiles from their cribs because they would stand up and pull on them when they were supposed to be going to sleep.  One night I had to go in there 7 or 8 times and lay them down because they would get up and either get stuck or be talking loudly to each other.  I hope they tire of this soon. (Though I have to say it is kind of cute to see them looking and smiling/talking to each other across the room, or looking eagerly at the door and breaking into huge smiles when they see you walk in.)
We went to the Coyotes' home opener a couple of weeks ago which was quite the excursion with a double stroller, two babies and a preschooler who wanted to stay and watch the whole game.  Luckily we had tickets in the Coyotes Club which is a lounge-y type place with seats and tables around a bar so we had somewhere to park the stroller and feed the boys when it was time.  Jake freaked out at the horn that blew when the Coyotes scored (and I forgot their earplugs) so we spent a lot of time away from the ice, but Zach really seemed to like watching the game.  He and Liv are going to be my hockey fans.  O has already said that it is her favorite sport and that she wants to play it.  We'll see.

I am so glad I caught this little episode.
Hey, this Bumbo is pretty cool.  I like all the toys.  Let's play together.
I'm going to get you, brother.
Yeah, I pinned him!

Monday, October 17, 2011

8 Months Old

Once again it is time to write the monthly update.  Where does the time go?!  All of us are doing well.  The boys continue to grow like weeds and would probably eat weeds if they could get their hands on them.  I took them in for their first flu shots but since I was by myself the nurse didn't bother with taking them out of their car seats to weigh them, so I don't know how big they are other than that they are BIG.  We'll know more next month at their 9 month well-baby appointment.

I have had to modify my photos of them because they are all over the place and don't want to sit still so I figured a chair might keep them in one place for a minute or two. 


After these pictures of Jake he went headfirst off the chair and as I grabbed him he flipped over onto my lap.  Sigh.  I guess we should get used to them tumbling headfirst over things.

Jake has mastered the traditional hands and knees crawl.  He's not super fast yet but he's getting there.  We recently had to get rid of our plants because both he and Zach were pulling them over on a regular basis.  He also pulled a wine bottle out of our rack.  We never really had to worry that much about things like that with Olivia but with these two we need eyes in the back of our heads.  He's also figured out how to get into a sitting position from his crawl and can pull himself up to his knees.  It's pretty funny to walk in to their bedroom and see these two hands and a couple of eyes peeking over the top of the crib at you.  Even if it is at 4 in the morning. 

While Jake is our charmer he can also be very anxious.  We went to the Coyotes' home opener on Saturday and he did not like the noise.  When the Coyotes score there is a very loud horn that sounds and he screamed each time it went off.  Luckily, we were in the club at the arena and I could take them away from the main crowd.  That seemed to help.  As did all John's female coworkers coming by and fawning on him.  He's such a flirt.
Zach is also crawling but he is still mainly an army crawler.  He hasn't figured out how to get himself into a seated position from his hands and knees but he can pull himself up to a standing position.  How is it even possible that my babies are big enough to do that?!  Ugh.  Zach is really turning into a mama's boy.  He loves to cuddle and climb.  He particularly enjoyed the hockey game.  It really looked like he was watching the action.  He and Olivia are going to bond over the sport because she loves it too!  Z is still my good sleeper at night but once he is ready to get up it is hard to trick him into going back to sleep like we sometimes can with Jake and his pacifier.

I couldn't decide on which pictures to eliminate so I just left most of them in.  They are so Zach.
Here are a few of them together.  I love this first one.
Jake's wondering what is up with Zach.  =)
Yep, knew this was coming.
Zach was in quite a mood so I got some more of him.  Olivia wanted in on them too but she wasn't wearing any clothes so I didn't get that many with her.
John trying to get Jake to smile.
He wasn't interested.
We are taking the boys on their first plane trip on Wednesday when we fly to Houston.  On Thursday we are all driving to Memphis with my parents.  Please say a prayer that we all survive this.  Okay, say a prayer that John and I survive this.  =)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Olivia says . . .

Another edition of some of the funny/clever things our daughter says.  A lot of what she says is funny but taken out of context it just doesn't transfer so I'm trying to put down only the stuff that will make you grin without having to be there.

Our day care is off a dirt/gravel road and it is pretty bumpy.  The other day we were driving down it and Olivia tells me that "Riding down this road makes my ears shake."  Yep, it does, never thought about that but it's true!

We were packing a box to send to John's family and he had put some Coyotes coozies in it.  Olivia pics one up and asks "Are these for your beers?".  Once again, yes, but how would you know that when we hardly drink beer in the house and when we do it is in a glass?  I blame my dad for this one since when he comes he will put his beer in a coozie.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Boston - Day 3, 4 & 5

Day 3 was devoted to Irene.  She set our plans for the day and luckily went easy on us.  Boston really didn't get hit too badly.  This is the view from our hotel room.  Not too bad at all!  It was extremely windy for most of the day and it rained on and off but the heaviest rain we got was the day before at the baseball game!

We eventually left the hotel looking for a lunch spot.  Most stores and restaurants had closed in anticipation of Irene so there wasn't much to pick from.  We did find a cool little place, The Rattlesnake Bar & Grill, on Boylston street that was open and grabbed a table there.  The owner had told his staff not to come in so he was a one-man band, if you will, taking orders, bartending and cooking.  I think someone ended up coming in to help but he did do a pretty good job of managing on his own.  And the food was really good!

After lunch we walked (which was interesting considering we were going against the wind and saw lots of broken umbrellas along the way - but we had fun!) to King's where we bowled a couple of games.  I managed to embarrass myself by falling on my ass after stepping on the greased part of the lane we were on.  This was also after I fell in the bathroom at Fenway.  Granted, it was pouring down rain and I was wearing sandals without and tread on them, so I'll cut myself some slack on that one.  This time, though, not so much.  My own error.  If someone is going to fall, it is going to be me.

We walked back to the hotel and relaxed for a little while before Sara, JB and I went looking for dinner.  We ended up at P.F. Chang's (again, one of the only places that opened that day) and it, as always, was good.  I rarely get P.F. Chang's because John doesn't like any sort of Asian food so I didn't mind eating at a chain which I usually try to avoid when on vacation.

Monday dawned bright and sunny.  The weather was beautiful.  We headed out for Faneuil Hall for some breakfast and sightseeing.
Historic Quincy Market
The Faneuil Hall area was really pretty.  Lots of trees and historic buildings filled the area.  There was shopping - mainly tourist stuff, but that's okay - cafes and other restaurants.  We walked around after breakfast and found ourselves down by the water.
Sara was able to get a flight out on Monday so she headed back to the hotel to get her bags and take the T to the airport.  She had no problems getting there or through security and even said it was pretty weird being at the airport with hardly anyone there.

Once we said goodbye to Sara, JB, Steve, Diane and I decided to take a trolley tour.  I had been wanting to do this since we had such limited time and there is so much to see in Boston.  We decided on Old Town Trolley Tours since their tickets were good for two days and the guy that sold us our tickets gave us a student disount.  We decided to be students of beer.  Our first trolley tour guide was kind of a tool but the other ones that I had the following day were really good.

The trolley took us all over.  First through the North End and by Paul Revere's house then across the Charles River to the USS Constitution (more on that later).

Bunker Hill Monument in the distance
USS Constitution
The ride then took us back toward downtown and past some more places like the oldest cemetary in Boston where lots of famous historic figures like Samuel Adams are buried, past the TD Garden where the Celtics and Bruins play and then out toward the Back Bay area where our hotel was located.
Hard to see but this is the Bell In Hand pub - the oldest in America

Back Bay is where Boston Common is.  It is a beautiful green park with ponds and swan boats.  We walked through it from our hotel on our way to Cheers and then again at the end of our trolley ride.
The tour went by the mother church for the Church of Christ, Scientist.  The building was really pretty and had nice fountains out front.  It's too bad there was so much concrete or it might have been a more peaceful place to hang out on a weekend afternoon.
JB's mom had picked up some cookies while at the Faneuil Hall marketplace.  They were awesome!
King's - where we bowled on Sunday.
Fenway from the other side - we didn't make it to these statues on game day
After Fenway we went back over the Charles to MIT and down Charles Street.  If we had more time I would have wanted to spend it on Charles Street.  There were lots of adorable shops and cafes.  Lots of things to explore.
I had mentioned in a previous post that our hotel is on the register of historic hotels.  I wanted to get a picture of the elevators because I think they were the original lights on them letting you know when an elevator had arrived.  They lit up and said "This Car Up".
After the trolley tour JB had to head back for an appointment so I said goodbye and went up to my room to rest.  After a little while I decided to head back out to the H&M I had seen on Boylston for some shopping.  I am so glad that there isn't one super close to my house because I would spend a lot of money there.  I ended up having a beer at the hotel's Irish pub, M.J. O'Connor's, and taking dinner up to my room.  I have to say, it was really nice to have some quiet time to myself.  I don't get a lot of it!

On Tuesday I got up early and headed back out to the trolley tour to spend some time at the USS Constitution.  My dad had said more than once that I needed to go see it and I'm really glad that I did.  This ship is the one with the nickname "Old Ironsides" even though she is made completely of wood.  It was fun to hear the history of the ship.  Current Navy members operate and take care of the ship and give the tours.  Our guide said that they clean her every day and that they are hoping to get her seaworthy so that she can go out next year on the anniversary of her "birth" during the War of 1812.  What a site that would be!
By the time I was done with the tour and gift shops it was getting close to my needing to get back to the hotel to check out.  I had intended to meet Steve and Diane for a harbor cruise (also part of our trolley tour ticket) but I could only push my check-out back so far and I wasn't going to have time to do it all.  I'm sorry I missed the cruise and spending a little more time with them.  They're really great!  So I got some lunch, packed up my stuff and headed to the airport.  My flight left on time - 48 hours exactly after I was supposed to leave.

Boston was so much fun and I had an awesome time with JB and Sara.  I wish we could stuff like this more often!  I'm ready to plan our next trip.  =)