Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Day in the Life

I am doing my best to get posts up but, obviously, I am doing a poor job of it considering it has been 2 weeks since I last posted something.  I'll attribute that to the fact that my supervisor at work left and they transferred one of our administrative people to another unit so I am essentially doing the work of three people.  The upside is that I will hopefully get the supervisory position permanently and the pay raise that goes along with it.  Fingers crossed!

We were also out of town for almost a week on our Houston/Memphis trip and that is going to be a whole other post at some point in the future.  I'll just say that we survived and that the boys were awesome!  Liv and I were the ones that struggled.  But all in all we had a really good time.

The best I can do right now is a week/day in the life type post.

The weather has started getting really beautiful so we've been spending more time outdoors which Olivia, and the boys, love.  O especially likes getting into her hippo pool and splashing around.
The boys enjoy watching her and getting splashed by the water she pushes out of the pool toward them.

I really do try to keep the house as neat as possible but with two now mobile babies and a 3 1/2 year old it can be difficult as evidenced by the scene after one Saturday morning.  It had been nice and clean when we woke up (and the tree has since been sold at a garage sale as the boys thought it was great to pull it over on top of themselves multiple times).

I really don't even bother picking up until Sunday evening.  I just couldn't go back to work on Monday knowing my house was a pig-sty. 

Jake and Zach also love the vertical blinds.  I myself don't but that is beside the point.  Here Jake is making as much noise as possible with them (as he does with almost everything else he can get his hands on).

Of course we have to bang pots, pans and tupperware in addition to stepstools.  And eating the spoons and spatulas is a requirement.  It is funny to me that in some of these pictures the boys are wearing identical outfits which is something I rarely do but somehow end up in all my pictures.
O got "creative" on Jake's head with one of her dry erase markers.

The boys, Zach especially, love paper.  Here they are "reading" a magazine that I had finished.  They didn't want to wait until I was done but they were very patient.

We have entered a new phase of babyhood in that the boys can now crawl and pull up to standing.  It has been interesting to say the least.  We have removed the mobiles from their cribs because they would stand up and pull on them when they were supposed to be going to sleep.  One night I had to go in there 7 or 8 times and lay them down because they would get up and either get stuck or be talking loudly to each other.  I hope they tire of this soon. (Though I have to say it is kind of cute to see them looking and smiling/talking to each other across the room, or looking eagerly at the door and breaking into huge smiles when they see you walk in.)
We went to the Coyotes' home opener a couple of weeks ago which was quite the excursion with a double stroller, two babies and a preschooler who wanted to stay and watch the whole game.  Luckily we had tickets in the Coyotes Club which is a lounge-y type place with seats and tables around a bar so we had somewhere to park the stroller and feed the boys when it was time.  Jake freaked out at the horn that blew when the Coyotes scored (and I forgot their earplugs) so we spent a lot of time away from the ice, but Zach really seemed to like watching the game.  He and Liv are going to be my hockey fans.  O has already said that it is her favorite sport and that she wants to play it.  We'll see.

I am so glad I caught this little episode.
Hey, this Bumbo is pretty cool.  I like all the toys.  Let's play together.
I'm going to get you, brother.
Yeah, I pinned him!

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