Monday, June 22, 2009

First time in a pool!

Happy Father's Day a day late! I hope all you dads out there had a wonderful weekend. We had a nice one out here in hot Arizona. The temp has started creaping up for the season and we are all disappointed about it, but we were able to spend a little time outdoors on Saturday at another 1st birthday party. O's friend, Emma, had her party (John and Shawn, Emma's dad, work together and they were at O's party too). They have a pool so I tried taking O in. It was her first time in a pool and she was NOT a fan. I slowly got her further and further in but she didn't want much to do with it at all. We'll try again another time. John and I realized that we should have put her in the swim lessons we've been talking about much earlier. Before she developed fears of anything. Our neighbors have a pool so we'll try there too. She'll get it.
Olivia also got a great gift from the Olsen's. Can you believe that we had not gotten her a glove before this?! She now has one and she really enjoys the ball that came with it. It's softer than a baseball or softball so it bounces really well and she just cracks up at that. Now we just have to wait to find out if she is in fact right-handed.
She's not quite walking on her own yet. I tried to get her to take some steps by herself this weekend and we only got 1/2 a step, but she did stand on her own for a bit so that's a move in the right direction.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First birthday celebrations!

Olivia had a couple of very nice celebrations. Yes, we celebrated Olivia's birthday twice. The first was on her actual birthday with just John and I. She got a chocolate cupcake with cookies 'n cream icing on her actual birthday. It took me having to dip my finger in the icing and stick it in her mouth to get her going, but once she did she didn't stop. The before, during, and after pictures are below.
Olivia also visited the doctor and got her 12 month check-up and shots. I know, I know, on her birthday. Yes, but she reacted poorly to her 6 month shots and I didn't want her not feeling well for her party the following weekend. She ended up being fine, but you never know. She weighed in at 25 lbs 2.5 oz, 30.5" tall, with a head circumference of 18.5". She is in the 95th percentile for weight, 90th for height, and I don't know about her head.

She got some awesome gifts! You have seen the ball hut already, but she got some really neat books, a singing baseball bear (from Aunt Barb), and a great educational light up singing bear from her Granny. Of course she got a ton of clothes (thank you everyone - I can't name you all, there isn't enough room - they will be well used). We really tried to get her to open her gifts but she'd pull the wrapping paper off at about 2 square inches at a time and hand it to John, so we helped her out a bit.With her "Olivia" book, from her daddy
And her singing bear from Aunt Barb (it sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame")
My mom, sister and brother were able to make it in for Olivia's party on the 13th. It was great that all of them could make it. My brother hadn't seen her since Christmas! My dad, unfortunately, wasn't able to make it. He was flying all over the globe the weeks before and wasn't scheduled to arrive home until June 14th. Seriously, the man was all over - London, Manila (where he called from on O's actual birthday - though it was still the afternoon of June 4th here - he wanted to be the first), Cairo (how cool! - his first time to the continent of Africa), Riyadh, and Bahrain. We just told him he'd have to come out at another time.
My mom took this at bath time. Sorry Olivia! It's just too cute, and it's right before she peed all over the floor. Oh well.
The party was really great. We had a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone that was able to attend. We do appreciate all of you being there for Olivia and for us. We had a nice spread of food and an adorable Curious George cake which I, of course, forgot to get a picture of. We had to sing Happy Birthday 3 times because we forgot the video camera and then Erin messed something up and didn't record the second time, but we got it done. I made the cake that we let Olivia dive into. She was hesitant at first but after I cut off a hunk of it for her she really got into it. Once again, before and afters below. It's hard to tell because it was a yellow cake with cream cheese icing, but it is all over her, including in her hair. She had to take a bath in the middle of her party if that tells you anything.

Here are some more party shots.

Bobcat showing her the ribbon

With her friend Emma (who is 2 weeks younger)

John said she would never wear this shirt (thank you Danny!)

Mom, seriously?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Say a little prayer!

Hey everyone, just wanted to put a little prayer wish out there. This week the Coyotes had their relocation hearing in bankruptcy court, and while no decision has been made we're trying to keep a positive attitude regarding the outcome. But it is hard to do. We don't know what will happen when a decision comes down - whether the team will move to Canada or stay in Phoenix, whether John will have a job or not, etc. Needless to say it's a scary and anxious time for us. Add to the fact that the State budget hasn't been passed yet and I'm doubly nervous. There could be further cuts at my agency but we don't know that yet either. It's a bit nervewracking! So any positive thoughts and prayers you could throw out there into the universe would be greatly appreciated!

On a happier note, congrats to my cousin Mary Beth who got engaged this week! We are very excited to meet her fiance and christen him into this crazy family of ours.

And I can't believe that I haven't posted about this yet, but my sister is engaged too! Woohoo! Ryan proposed while they were on vacation in the Virgin Islands (a trip they are starting to take every year with my parents and, this year, with Uncle Larry and Aunt Laurie). No date has been set but they are both very excited. As are all of us. The ring is beautiful and Olivia has already been asked to be the flower girl. Her first wedding! =) Best Wishes and we love you Erin and Ryan.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Our baby is 1 year old!

Yes, Olivia has made it to 1 year. More surprisingly, John and I have made it 1 year as parents. And I have to say I am very sad. I was looking through pictures today and having a hard time believing that it has been a year since I had her. I can remember almost everything about that day (well, I can remember everything that wasn't fogged out by Stadol). The first year has really been fun, but it has also been extremely difficult, in more ways than one. But we made it, and I think that, as Olivia gets older, parts of parenting will get easier, but we'll have new things pop up that will get harder. Olivia is almost walking, almost talking, eating almost entirely table food, and is communicating much better. I was saying last night that it is so nice that she is able to get herself around places almost entirely on her own. Gone are the days of having to pick her up, help her sit up, and moving her from one room to the other. She is a very happy child and for that we are extremely grateful. John and I have been very lucky and we look forward to seeing her grow into a wonderful little girl.

I love this last picture! =)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Almost a year old!

I am so totally, terribly behind and I don't have time to write much, but here are some pictures. Olivia turns one on Friday! I can't believe it. She's our little ham as you can tell. Jenn, Rian and Cameron got her a ball hut for her birthday and she loves it. She also enjoys going to D-Backs games and seeing the mascot Baxter. I will try to write more at a later date. Hopefully she'll be walking soon so I can update that. She is a great "cruiser" though!