Monday, March 31, 2008

I know, I know . . .

It's been too long between posts. Again, I am going to claim laziness. I was going to take a picture of my fat feet and ankles but I didn't get around to it and then I woke up the next morning and they were back to normal. Maybe today after work if they swell up again.

So, updates. I had my gestational diabetes test a couple of weeks ago and that came back normal. Yay! Although it turns out that I am anemic. If it's not one thing, it's another. I am now taking iron supplements twice a day, or as often as I remember too. My doctor said that the numbers were slightly low so I think I'm doing okay. I haven't felt any side effects of the anemia but I don't want to either, so I'll keep taking the pills. Our next appointment is April 8. We have begun to have appointments every 2 weeks now, which is a little odd, but at least it gives us peace of mind every time we go in there. Our childbirth classes start April 9 and I am really looking forward to them. I don't know how excited John is about them but I think they'll be really good for him. I don't think he has any idea what he is in for.

My shower is this weekend in The Woodlands and I am so excited. My aunts are hosting it and I just know it will be awesome. They did my bridal shower as well and it was incredible. John and I are flying into Austin on Thursday where Erin and Danny will pick us up. We will see Busha on Friday morning and then drive to Houston for the rest of the weekend. I will pick JB and Sara up at the airport Friday afternoon. Friday night will be drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Saturday is the shower and a dinner at my parent's house. But all this fun brings all sorts of errands that I have to do this week - nails (very important), maybe a hair cut, pick up prescriptions and essentials at the store, cat food, etc. Which reminds me that I need to call the vet and make sure they have some food for me to pick up.

We finally finished getting all the flooring installed this weekend. Now all we need to do is install the transitions and baseboards in the hallway and our bedroom! I will be so glad when this project is over. The next step is getting the tile in. That should only take a day because we are going to hire someone to do that. John could do it but he wants to make sure that is done right and I guess it's easy to screw up tile. Whatever is easiest as far as I'm concerned.

Things have been pretty quiet other than that. I'll be sure to take a bunch of pictures this weekend so I can post them next week or weekend.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Random information

Look at this animal cracker that I found (and then broke - oops). I thought it was hilarious that the crackers came out the way they did. My coworkers think that I should put it on E-bay. Heck, if someone is getting lots of money for a corn flake shaped like Illinois, you'd think I'd be able to get something for this. We all had a good laugh.

This picture is of the special uniforms that the Coyotes wore for their pre-game skate around on March 15, which was their St. Patrick's Day game. I don't know if you'll be able to tell but they are green and the numbers are in shamrocks. John had to special order them and he was so proud of himself. What a goober. P.S. The Coyotes lost the game.

This is our bedroom. The floor is finally done in there. We actually ended up taking part of it apart and redoing it because it wasn't lining up properly. But it all worked out in the end. Now all that has to be done are the baseboards. The only carpet left in the house is in our closet and that should be out by Thursday (John is taking a vacation day so that he can watch Baylor play in the tournament, so I'm hoping he does that when the game is over).

My doctor gave us this book at our most recent appointment - last Friday at 28 weeks and 1 day. We have to take it with us to our childbirth classes at the hospital which start on April 9. I flipped through it and it's a cool resource, although there was a page where the showed how big each centimeter dilation was. I didn't like that page. I need to show it to John so that I can see his reaction. We are going to head out to Babies R Us again tonight and add a couple of more things to the registry. My job at work today is to go through and get a list of everything that we still need to put on the registry. I know for sure that we need to get hangars and a diaper bag, but I'll have to look the rest of the stuff up.

The next two pictures are of the almost completed nursery. I'll be sure to take one when it is complete too. The walls are awesome. The pic doesn't do them justice. We still have to do the chair rail and get a rug but most of the stuff is in place. I also need to get a shot of our junge life up on the plant shelf. All the monkeys are so cool up there, especially against the green paint. My dad finished the crib for us and I am so glad because I couldn't figure out how to do it. I was able to put the changing table and glider together though, so at least I contributed something.

Here's a typical pregnancy story for me: At one point, while trying to put the crib together, I was sitting on the floor with one of the legs across my leg, just sitting there. John walked by and asked what I was doing. I told him that it was too hard to move and that I was just going to stay there. I felt like such a bum. But that's the way the entire pregnancy has been for the most part. And now I am so glad that I really won't have to do much more manual labor on this place. It's getting to the point where if I get down on the floor, I won't be able to get back up.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Alright, I wanted to get some photos in here to show a progression of the size of the belly. This first picture is from week 17. I thought I was already getting big. Little did I know.

This picture is from week 22. Again I thought I was so huge. Not so much.

And here we are last Thursday at 27 weeks. At least these pictures that John took from further away don't make me look as fat everywhere else. =)

This is a little freaky, I do have to say. I even got a remark from John yesterday that I'm definitely looking more pregnant. And he sees me every day, so for him to really notice and say something must mean I've grown quite a bit. I've been trying to keep up with the walking but I can really tell that I am moving so much slower and the SPD is kind of limiting. It has gone away during the day for the most part but activity really aggravates it, and I can still feel it at night.

I have my gestational diabetes test on Friday. I get to drink some sugar drink and then wait an hour and have my blood tested. I am just looking forward to sleeping in and being late to work. Ahh, the little things in life.

Anyway, Erin and my dad got into town last night (Monday - I loaded the pics on the 10th so that's why that's the date, but I'm actually writing all of this on the 11th). They are going to go out to Mesa today to see the Cubs play (or as John would call them, the "crap-ass Cubs" but we won't get into that). Then we're going to the hockey game tonight. After not sleeping very well I don't know how much of the game I'm going to be able to handle. We'll see. Erin's boyfriend, Ryan (or Gabe - you choose), and his parents will also be going.

Ahhh . . . stretch marks

Gotta love 'em. I thought I was doing everything right - oil, lotion, etc. Erin had even gotten me body oil specifically designed for pregnancy. Doesn't matter. You either get them or you don't. And I get them. Figures. I started off looking pretty good. Just a few underneath and to the sides of my belly button. Now they are starting above and to the right of the belly button. Ugghh. Oh well. Not much I can do about it.

I did take some pictures last week and had every intention of posting this weekend, but I'm sure you can tell that that did not happen. Sorry. I will try to do it tonight, though I can't promise anything. My dad and sister are coming into town for some Spring Training games and I have some other things to do before they get here. I'm sure everyone is tired of just reading stuff and not seeing pictures. I'm a slacker.

I think I have gone through a belly growth spurt in the last couple of weeks. I had two comments from coworkers last week about how much bigger I've gotten, and another one today. It's true. I even made the comment after I looked at the pictures John took last week. She continues to kick me like there is no tomorrow but then stop when John puts his hand on my stomach. It is very visible from the outside and I think that if I start resting things on my belly she'd probably knock them off. It feels like there is more than one in there too. She is all over the place. I hope that is not an omen for the future.

I attempted to put together the crib this weekend after John completed the baseboards in the nursery. Ummm, let's just say that for the life of me I could not figure out how to attach the mattress supports to the rest of the crib. I think I need technical assistance from my husband. Then we were working on the floors in our bedroom (the last room, woohoo!) and about a third of the way through the boards were not lining up or attaching correctly and we don't know why. I have this terrible feeling that we are going to have to take what we have done apart and restart. Yikes. That's about 2 hours worth of work down the drain. So now our bedroom is still the way it was after we moved all the furniture to one side of the room and it is driving me crazy! I have to keep reminding myself that it is temporary and everything will be put back in its place shortly.

Congrats to Em (former teammate and roommate at Rhodes) and her husband, Rob, who had their little boy, Zachary, on March 6th. He is adorable!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Birthday John!

I just wanted to wish my wonderful husband a very happy 33rd birthday. We are going to have a quiet night in. I am going to go pick up dinner at a BBQ joint that he requested, then we are going to watch the Coyotes play Dallas, and Baylor basketball play whoever they're playing. This weekend he'll probably go to a couple of more baseball games.

Don't worry the baby and the cat got him a gift. =)