Monday, March 10, 2008


Alright, I wanted to get some photos in here to show a progression of the size of the belly. This first picture is from week 17. I thought I was already getting big. Little did I know.

This picture is from week 22. Again I thought I was so huge. Not so much.

And here we are last Thursday at 27 weeks. At least these pictures that John took from further away don't make me look as fat everywhere else. =)

This is a little freaky, I do have to say. I even got a remark from John yesterday that I'm definitely looking more pregnant. And he sees me every day, so for him to really notice and say something must mean I've grown quite a bit. I've been trying to keep up with the walking but I can really tell that I am moving so much slower and the SPD is kind of limiting. It has gone away during the day for the most part but activity really aggravates it, and I can still feel it at night.

I have my gestational diabetes test on Friday. I get to drink some sugar drink and then wait an hour and have my blood tested. I am just looking forward to sleeping in and being late to work. Ahh, the little things in life.

Anyway, Erin and my dad got into town last night (Monday - I loaded the pics on the 10th so that's why that's the date, but I'm actually writing all of this on the 11th). They are going to go out to Mesa today to see the Cubs play (or as John would call them, the "crap-ass Cubs" but we won't get into that). Then we're going to the hockey game tonight. After not sleeping very well I don't know how much of the game I'm going to be able to handle. We'll see. Erin's boyfriend, Ryan (or Gabe - you choose), and his parents will also be going.

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Jenn said...

The progression of pictures is really cool!