Thursday, October 13, 2011

Olivia says . . .

Another edition of some of the funny/clever things our daughter says.  A lot of what she says is funny but taken out of context it just doesn't transfer so I'm trying to put down only the stuff that will make you grin without having to be there.

Our day care is off a dirt/gravel road and it is pretty bumpy.  The other day we were driving down it and Olivia tells me that "Riding down this road makes my ears shake."  Yep, it does, never thought about that but it's true!

We were packing a box to send to John's family and he had put some Coyotes coozies in it.  Olivia pics one up and asks "Are these for your beers?".  Once again, yes, but how would you know that when we hardly drink beer in the house and when we do it is in a glass?  I blame my dad for this one since when he comes he will put his beer in a coozie.

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