Monday, September 12, 2011

Little Comments

Twins (and other multiples) draw a lot of attention.  You all know this, I'm sure, whether you have multiples or not.  They're kind of a novelty and you notice them when you see them.  Don't say you don't!

When we're out we get comments all the time:

"Twins?  Oh my gosh!"
"How old are they?" (or "What are they?" - Yes, even now as they are obviously boys)
"Wow!  I can't imagine two."
"Better you than me!" (I haven't replied "Yes, it is" to this yet, but who would say this?!)

You get the idea.

Those comments are ones that people make TO us.  Most of the time this doesn't bother me.  I get that twins are cool (I think so!) and different.

We also hear comments ABOUT us as we walk by:

"Can you imagine what I'd be like if I had two newborns?!" (This from a woman who was holding a brand new baby - probably only a couple of weeks old.  I thought that was funny because I totally get it considering how I was after Olivia was born.)
"Oh my gosh, twins.  How cute." (Yes, they are)
"Oh my gosh, twins." (Said in a tone that obviously means they're glad it wasn't them)

And the most popular:

"I'm so glad there was only one." (in reference to their own pregnancy)

For whatever reason I got really irritated when I heard this on Saturday while I was at Target with John, Olivia and the boys.  Olivia decides, as she always does when we're at a store, that she has to go to the bathroom.  So I tell John just to take her and I'll wait with the babies.  I'm pushing the double stroller and pulling our cart around the baby section when I heard a woman say it to whoever she was with.

I kind of took it personally against my boys.  I know, it doesn't make sense, but whatever.  How could someone not want two of the sweetest babies ever?  How could you not want these two little men greeting you with huge smiles and squeals in the morning?  Who wouldn't want big, wet, sloppy Jake kisses on their face or to hear Zach belly laugh when you tickle him?

I guess, now that I have two, I can't imagine having just one.  I totally understand what a person means when they say they're glad they only had 1.  I am totally guilty of being THAT person who makes those comments - I even laughed when I heard my sister-in-law was having twins.  This was before we found out that we were too.  Even now when I think of having more than two it crosses my mind that I'm glad it wasn't more than that.  Two is hard!  Really hard!  I can't imagine having another on top of that (especially with the night we had last night!).  One would have been so much easier but we were given two and we do what we have to do.  And if we had been given three or more we would have taken it on full speed ahead.

Anyway, it was stupid, and John made me feel better by saying that he was glad we had two.  I don't know that I've ever heard him say it even though I know it is true.  Give a point to the hubby!

And I couldn't agree with him more.

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Kelley said...

That would probably be frustrating. But there's a reason people like you and John are blessed with two and others aren't - they just wouldn't be the right fit for a twin household :-) xoxo