Thursday, October 23, 2008

A couple of more!

I thought of some more things to add to my 100 Things list. I think I may make it a new thing that at the end of every new post I do I will add a "thing" to my list. I wonder if I can come up with a bunch more. Here are some:

*My friend Jenn and I are going to start a travel blog about all the places we go, both together and separately - Portland, OR will be first
*John and I were married on October 5 because 10 was my number in softball and 5 was John's number in baseball (and George Brett's number)
*Jenn and Sara were there for my almost puke in the porta potty (this happened when I was at Rhodes) - Sara had to knock on the door to make sure I was okay (I honestly don't know how long I was in there)

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