Monday, October 6, 2008

6 years!

Yesterday John and I celebrated our 6th anniversary! 6 years! It has gone by so fast and so much has changed. Though I wouldn't call it much of a celebration. That has been postponed until October 18 because all three of us are sick. I went to the doctor last week and they said I probably had strep and bronchitis so they put me on some antibiotics. John probably got the same thing. Olivia had conjunctivitis (basically pink eye) and a cold, so she gets eye drops 3 times a day and has to have her nose sprayed with a saline solution. Her cough has gotten a bit worse but the doctor said not to worry about it until she's had it for 2 weeks. Her eyes are better though. It was quite the sickbed here this weekend. My mom came out (she was going to anyway so that we could go to dinner on Saturday night) and we were able to get a couple of good night's sleep because she got up with Olivia. We really needed that. I am so glad to have her!
Olivia is now 18 pounds and 4 months old. She has started rolling over and reaching and grabbing things. She especially likes to reach out and grab Elvis. And I don't think that the rolling over is always intentional. She isn't a fan of being on her stomach and sometimes she gets mad enough when she is on her stomach and she rolls her self over. She sometimes has a very surprised look on her face when all of sudden she is on her back. It's pretty funny. But she does love it when we cheer for her. We've added the rotating activity tray to her seat so she can sit and play at the same time. She really does seem to like it and will sit there long enough to allow us to get little chores done here and there. That's one of the things that is nice about her getting older - she is more and more able to entertain herself. It will be nice when I can just sit her in the pack n play and let her go to town. We have a few more months before that happens, but we're getting there.

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