Monday, October 20, 2008

Solids, kind of.

We started Olivia on solids on Sunday night. Well, I say solids because it wasn't breastmilk or formula. It was rice cereal mixed almost to a liquid with formula. She seemed to like it okay although the majority of it ended up on her face and belly. She is still pushing it out a lot with her tongue but she opens up wide when I hold the spoon up there. Tonight she did better and I think she'll get the hang of it soon. Although she does seem to gag sometimes and it's really funny to watch. Poor thing, always getting laughed at by her parents. We are probably going to start changing up her nightly routine so that she'll be fed before her bath. I'm sure you need no explanation why, but here are some pictures. We also got some of it on video but I still can't get video loaded on here for some reason so you'll just have to come visit us in order to see it!
She managed to whack my hand while I had a spoonful of cereal. I guess we should get used to the mess.
She sometimes seemed to want to play more than eat.

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