Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bath Time

I don't know why but O has started squinting when she smiles for the camera.  It's really pretty funny but we're going to have to work on it.   The pictures below are from her bath the other night.  The ones with the dry hair are in her bath tub.

Look at that curly hair!

And the pictures with wet hair are in my bath tub post poop.  Yes, she pooped in the bath again.  I suppose I'm pretty lucky since she doesn't do it that often.  I think that she is getting closer and closer to being interested in potty training though because it really freaked her out that it was in the water with her and she has started stopping and squatting whenever she poops in her diaper.  I know you all were interested in that bit of information.

She got her flu shot last week.  Finally.  She didn't cry at all when she got the shot.  I was very surprised.  She also weighed in at 28 lb. 10 oz.  I don't know her height but will update everyone after her 18 month appointment next week.


Unknown said...

love the curly hari and sqinty eyes...what a weirdo :) the first wet hair pic looks just like you beck!!

Patti (Bobcat) said...

These are some of my favorites! We wanted to use one for our Christmas card, but didn't think a naked pic would be the way to go! :-)