Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl!

Happy Super Bowl weekend!  Our family is looking forward to watching the game though we really don't care one way or the other who wins.  We would prefer to see the Saints win only because they haven't won a Super Bowl before and the Colts just recently won one.  I like Peyton Manning though so I like to see him win.  I think, however, that I'll be a part of the Who Dat! crew on Sunday.

Have fun and enjoy the game!

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Kathleen Hall said...

Hi Becky! Remember all the Super Bowl parties your Mom and Dad had when you lived in Park View??? All the kids would be in the basement tearing everything up! Great times! I enjoy your website and all the pictures you post of your little one!! Fun to watch her grow up. Glad to hear your Dad did well with his surgery and recovery. We need to talk with them and catch up. Take care.
Kathleen Hall