Monday, April 26, 2010


Easter was a quiet time in the Dickey household.  We spent a nice day at home playing with all the new toys that O got.  Her favorites included the sidewalk chalk and bunny baby that she got from Dadu and Bobcat.  I tried to get some good reaction shots of her.  She doesn't really understand what Easter is all about or why she is getting some new toys, but she loves it anyway.
All our stuff together
Just O's stuff
She loves the Coyotes' mascot, Howler, and now she has her very first bobblehead
Seeing her basket for the first time
She also has her own Howler stuffed animal
Balloon wand - her new favorite thing
Bunny baby
Playing with her chalk

My husband got a hold of some of the sidewalk chalk and added his own "artwork" to the back patio.  The things he is trying to teach our daughter . . .

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