Friday, November 19, 2010


This is just a big amalgam of random pictures that don't really have a home in other posts so I thought I'd just throw them together in one.
John was trying to take pictures of O and she just said "butt" and turned around.  Apparently she wanted him to take a picture of her butt.  Whatever.
I found a Barbie I had kept and my Joey McIntyre doll.  They are now O's.  She wasn't big on the Joey doll but loves the Barbie.
My daughter is slightly OCD.  I guess she gets that from me.  She lines up all her dolls (or "guys") and covers them with a blanket to keep them warm.
This is our orange tree.  It grows out of control but for whatever reason hasn't given us any fruit yet.  Maybe next year.  John is very proud of how tall it gets (J is 6' 3" to give you an idea of the height of the top branches).
I went through a ton of stuff for our garage sale and had one big box and a half full of trophies.  But we don't have room for them anymore and my mom suggested that I take a picture of all of them so that it is documented that I had them and then get rid of them.  Done, though I did keep some that were more important to me (not pictured).

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MamaG said...

Some of those look very familiar :) I don't know what happened to all of my old trophies. That's a great idea to take a picture of them!