Monday, March 21, 2011

On our own

Imagine this:
But with babies in the car seats parked in some random parking lot and me where Olivia is.  Can you see it?

That's exactly what took place last week not 45 minutes after I had dropped my mom at the airport so that she could go home after being here helping for a little over a month.  I ran into my first test without help after stopping at Sonic for a drink (gotta love their happy hour).

By the time I left Sonic both boys were screaming.  I thought I could make it home.  Not so much.

I pulled over into a random Napa Auto Parts parking lot, climbed into the back seat and fed the boys at the same time.  This was after taking both of them out of their seats to try to calm them (obviously it didn't work).  Ah, the life of a mom of twins.

But we survived and I've only had a couple other instances of them both being hungry at the same time and really screaming about it.  So I've been lucky.

So, thanks Mom!  As soon as you leave they turn on me!  =)

The boys turned one month old last Thursday.  The time has flown by for the most part, though some days it seems like forever ago that I had them.  Those are mainly days when the night was a long one!  Their one month check-up is on Wednesday so I will update weights, etc. then.

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Chris and Mandy said...

Sounds like you're adjusting quickly :) Do you have any "parents of twins" types of groups in your area? My friend has 1yo twins and joined such a group. She said it's been wonderful and she's learned a lot.