Friday, May 6, 2011

2 Months Old!

The boys turned 2 months old on April 17th so as of yesterday they are actually 11 weeks old.  The time has flown by.  They are continuing to grow like weeds.  At their check-up Jake was 13 lb 10 oz and 24.5" (90th and 92nd percentile).  Zach was a little smaller at 12 lb and 24" (50th and 80th percentile).  Jake is trying to keep up with his sister who was always in the 95+ percentile range. 

I just realized as I was putting these pictures in that I put the wrong lovie with each boy.  Oops.
I love this because it looks like they're saying "Holla!" and are ready to party.
Jake and Zach started at daycare this week.  Yes, I am back to work.  I officially return to the office on Monday but I did work from home a couple of days this week.  It sucks but its what we need to do right now.  John is going to be responsible for getting all three of the munchkins ready to go in the morning so I'm anxious to see how that goes.  Not because I don't think he can do it.  I know he can.  It's just a lot, especially with two infants and a very headstrong almost 3 year old.  Luckily they are able to go to the same daycare as O and we are so comfortable sending them there so I have no qualms about that part of it.  Do I wish that I could stay home with them?  Sure.  Most days.  They are a lot of work and my job is easier than staying home but its not nearly as rewarding.  But, I will admit, it is nice to have a break every now and then.

They are not sleeping completely through the night yet but Zach essentially is.  He'll sleep from 7:15 or so to about 5.  He'll then get up, eat, and go back to sleep for several more hours.  John or I have to wake him at 7:30 to get ready for daycare.  If only Jake were the same way.  He still gets up a couple of times a night and occasionally doesn't want to go back to sleep after his 4:30 or 5 feeding because it is already starting to get light outside.  It's killing me!  Especially now that I am really going to have to be up after that feeding to get ready for work.  Unfortunately, I think that if we'd let them sleep on their stomachs more they would sleep better.

Jake is still our smiley one.  He will smile and try to be all coy.  He's our ladies man and is going to be a flirt.  He is also extremely high-maintenance.  He will whine and moan when you put him down.  Not really crying, just making noise and doing the lip thing.  It's pretty funny.  Once you pick him up, he's good.  He also absolutely loves Olivia.  He will smile when she's around and watch her as she runs around.  I think he'd rather watch her than be with John and I.  O calls him "Jakery" (because we call Zach Zachary fairly often) and "bobblehead" because he doesn't quite have total control of his huge noggin.

Zach, as well as being my awesome sleeper, is my talker.  I love it!  He will sit and talk to you for a long time.  The best is when he's eating, looks up at me, smiles and coos.  It doesn't matter that it might be 2 a.m.  He's quite a mover too.  He's all over his bed, especially when he naps on his stomach.  I'll come in and he'll be turned perpendicular to when I laid him down and pressed up against the end of the crib.  Just yesterday I was watching him on the play mat and he was getting onto his side from his back.  He will be rolling over first. And I think he'll be doing it soon.
Just some more pictures of the boys together.

I really wish this weren't blurry!

Love the looks on their faces.

Trying to hold hands.


Michele Shuey said...

Love your blog. Congrats again on your beautiful family.

Mom said...

I'm tearing up ... they are totally adorable. I miss them. I truly do.

Chris and Mandy said...

Love the update and all the pictures! The name Jakery cracks me up. Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day!