Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My parents and sister were in town for Easter this year and it was really nice to spend a holiday with family.  It doesn't happen a lot for us being so far away from everyone.  Olivia had a wonderful time with her Busha and Dadu coloring eggs and participating in our annual egg-cracking contest on Easter morning.

Ready to dye!
Checking out the results - let's just say we had some interesting looking eggs
The Easter bunny was great to Olivia this year and the favorite thing she got this year was a metal monkey water bottle and green monkey jammies.  Plus she got some new Tinkerbell underwear that she loved.  It's the little things that impress her.  =)  We didn't do baskets for the boys this year because, really, what do you get 2 month olds?  Diapers?  We do have baskets for them because a family friend got all three kids personalized baskets with their name on them.  The boys look like Olivia's but the bunny has a bow tie, not a flower, and instead of pink lining it's blue.  They are really cute!

The chocolate went fast (thanks to sneaky mom and dad) but we are still finishing all the jelly beans that she got.

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