Saturday, January 5, 2008

Before & After

There is not much to report on the baby front for now. I do think that I have been feeling kicks for a couple of weeks so that's pretty cool. John and I decided that the baby either must really like or really hate football because he was pretty active for the first part of the Fiesta Bowl. We decided to go at almost the last minute but we ended up having a good time even though OU got their butts kicked. Oh well. Of course John was very excited to see Barry Switzer and Jimmy Johnson who were there doing the pregame show. Here are some pictures: Grumpy Old Coaches

The view from our seats

I also wanted to put some before and after pictures of the "man room" floor that John did. It looks really great in there. John ripped up carpet, removed baseboards, laid vapor barrier and the flooring, then had to replace the baseboards. We are moving on to the living room this week. I can't wait to get rid of our carpet. It is so nasty!

I also need to update my belly pics. The last ones I put on were from week 16. The ones below are from this week. They were taken when I was exactly 18 weeks along. One of my bosses told me that this week was the first week that I really looked pregnant. Erin gave me the shirt that I'm wearing in the picture for Christmas. I put it on and couldn't believe that I really looked pregnant, not just like I'd put on a little too much weight! It's kind of nice.

I still have no intuition as to what we are having. Maybe the fact that I keep referring to the baby as a "he" tells me something, but who knows. I've heard all sorts of Old Wives' Tales that apply to me in some ways and not in others - like the one where if for every girl a woman has she takes away some of the mom's beauty. Well, my skin is terrible, so it's right there, but my hair and nails are incredibly healthy, so it's wrong there. I just don't know. That'll add to the surprise on January 15. I am already planning on drinking some orange juice in the morning before the ultrasound to get the little one moving around so hopefully we can get the money shot.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I love the belly! Although I have a similar belly and do not have the excuse of a pregnancy - just too much holiday food and drinks!

The man room looks great! Nicely done, John :-)


Kelly said...

Tell John if he's looking for some work in Colorado, I've got plenty of floors for him to come tackle!

Can't wait for the 15th!