Tuesday, February 5, 2008


These pictures were taken at 22 weeks and 4 days along, post workout. I am definitely on my way to getting bigger. She is moving around and kicking up a storm. Most days she is really pretty active, but some days she's pretty calm. John got to feel her moving for the first time last week and it was really cool to see his face when it happened. I think it surprised him. Then he started asking about what it felt like from the inside. It is a little difficult to explain, but I told him it felt like taps, and sometimes like someone was "flicking" me from the inside. It's really fun to feel, although on her more active days I'll lay down to go to bed and she won't stop which then keeps me awake. Oh well. I should be used to not sleeping very well since I toss and turn and then have to get up to go to the bathroom. I know it won't get any better the further I get into this pregnancy or once she gets here.

We are going to be getting our crib this week. We have the changing table and glider on order right now. We are getting a changing table although we're not going to use it as a changing table, but as a storage unit. We're going to use the dresser we already have in there as a changing table after we refinish it. We'll probably put the stereo and storage baskets on the changing table. We're also trying to decide on a day to go out and get our regristries started. John is planning on hitting the gym for the first time in two weeks tomorrow (his back is finally getting better) so it'll probably be Friday night after work. We'd like to try to avoid a Saturday if at all possible.

This whole registry thing is really stressful! It is not nearly as fun as the wedding registry. There is so much to get and so much to think about - safety, functionality, quality, etc. I mean, who knew that there were 4 different types of car seats that we could get? And how many different types of strollers are out there? John thought it better that I stop reading the book because I was getting all flustered and crazy. I'm sure everything will be fine. We've already started getting some clothes from people so at least we have stuff to bring her home in and some onesies for her to hang out in. Plus, my parents got her a new pair of shoes. They have little baseballs on them. So cute and so appropriate.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Becky! I have just started researching baby gear and so I figured I would look back and see if you had any suggestions. It sounds like you were as overwhelmed with baby registry stuff as I am. The wedding WAS much easier. But now that you have your little bundle of joy, any tips on what to buy and how to chose brands, types, etc? I am beginning to feel very overwhelmed with it all.