Saturday, May 31, 2008

The end is near!

I'm not sure how many of you have heard the news, but I am going to be induced next Wednesday night. June 4th at 10 p.m. is when we are scheduled to go in. We were instructed to call in an hour before that to make sure there was room. If there's not we'll be pushed back - how far, I don't know, but at least we know that this pregnancy is almost at it's end and we get to meet our little girl! And it looks like, depending on how quickly labor goes, that we will have a due date baby. When we went in for our appointment this week I was still only 1 cm and it seemed like he had an even harder time finding my cervix than he did last week since she is still REALLY high up. Her butt is right underneath my sternum. That's good though because it means she is head down and facing backwards. The right way to be.

When we first go in they will start me on Cervadil, which is a cervix softener. Often that's all that needs to be done to get labor going, but if I need more they'll start me on Pitocin after 12 hours on the Cervadil. The Cervadil is usually in pill form that they insert and let work, but they can also use a gel. I'm not sure which they'll use on me. So it's possible that labor may not even get going until Thursday late morning or early afternoon.

I am planning on working Monday through Wednesday, although I'm going to try to work from home on Wednesday. I am also planning on getting a pedicure on Wednesday night. I know, priorities! At least my feet will look pretty if the rest of me doesn't. Speaking of the way I look, below are some pictures. I was 38 weeks 6 days in them.

I realized that I didn't really have a front shot in here, so I thought I'd put one in. Most of the baby is out front, so although I've gotten a little wider, it hasn't been so bad. My belly button has not popped completely. Only a little bit of it at the top is poking out. You can kind of see it in the picture on the right.

John and I are planning a quiet weekend at home. It will be the last one we will have with just the two of us. So we're going to watch some WCWS softball and go to dinner. We are also going to make sure everything is ready for the baby. We have to get the carseat base into his car and just this morning I finished up cleaning the table we put in the nursery, so the room is ready to go except for some wall hangings. We really don't have enough room! Here are some pictures:

My mom is coming in to town on Monday afternoon to clean the house for us. I really do try to keep it clean but I am no where near as good as my mom. Then she'll be hear for the birth and everything. John's mom will come out on the 9th. It looks like Erin, and possible Ryan, will be flying out from Tulsa with her. She has never been on an airplane before and we thought it would be nice to have someone with her on that first flight. She seems really excited about coming out here, and now we know that the baby will definitely be here when she gets here.
We see the doctor again on Monday afternoon. If anything changes, which I highly doubt, we will update!


Anonymous said...

YAY!! Im finally going to be an aunt!!! :)

Kelly said...

I"ll be thinking about you guys on Wednesday! Hope everything goes smoothly (I'm sure it will!)

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you today. In a few days you will finally get to see your precious little girl!