Friday, May 9, 2008


I'm a little behind in getting these pictures posted, but better late than never. The first picture is of our guest bathroom before the new tile. The linoleum that is in there was in the master bathroom and kitchen as well. We replaced all of it. I put the picture in so you could see what we replaced.

This picture and the following pictures are of the tile that was installed. This is the guest bathroom completed.

This is the kitchen in process and completed. I am really glad that I did not get to see what was underneath the refrigerator and oven. I'm sure it was pretty nasty.

We had our 36 week appointment today which consisted of listening for the heartbeat (149 beats/minute) and then my Group Beta Strep (GBS) test. That will make a difference when I go into labor. Group B can be very serious to the baby and cause all sorts of problems so we need to know if I am positive. If I'm positive I'll have to have antibiotics when I get to the hospital. We also scheduled the rest of our weekly appointments through my due date. Only four more weeks.

Last night I think I had my very first Braxton Hicks contraction. It didn't hurt at all but my stomach was rock hard for a while. I couldn't tell if it came and went because I couldn't feel it without touching my stomach but it definitely happened at least once. John felt it too. It was really strange to feel how hard my stomach was but have no pain at all. I guess I should appreciate the fact that there wasn't any pain. That is not always the case with BH.

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Kelly said...

Man that cat tries out ALL of the new stuff!
The floors look AWESOME. I love that you did them diagonally, makes the rooms look bigger.