Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Kids are freakin' expensive! I have been very negative about the whole daycare situation from the beginnning because I didn't want to have to utilize it, but we're going to have to. I knew that daycare was going to be pricey but it is more than I thought. After our visits though I have a more positive impression of the facilities. John and I have visited 3 daycares so far. Actually, he's only been to two but I am taking him to the one only I have been to tomorrow. That one is for State of Arizona employees but is associated with La Petite Academy. We get a reduced rate which is awesome and it is within 5 minutes of my office which is also nice. It offers many of the same programs and features as the other places we've been. It is in an older building but it looks to me like they really try to take care of it. The downside is that I would be the only one to drop her off in the morning and pick her up in the evening since John doesn't work any where close to me. That would entail daily rush hour travel, except for the one day that I will be telecommuting. So that is a little disconcerting. But with everything else being equal it's an awesome price that would save us a ton of money. And I'd be able to go over there and check on her at lunch time if I wanted to, which I'm sure that I will.

On another note, my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, Ryan, are all going sailing starting Friday. I am very jealous because John and I would be on this trip if I weren't pregnant. They fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico tomorrow and then on to Tortola, BVI. They get the boat Friday and are out for a week. They are going to have several flags flying from the boat including a pirate flag, a U.S. Navy flag, and a Texas flag. The pirate flag is Erin and Ryan's contribution. Ryan has some sort of odd infatuation with pirates that I don't get. Kind of like John with his monkeys and midgets. It makes no sense to me. The pirate flag was going to be a surprise for my dad but I didn't know that and let the cat out of the bag when he was here last week. Oops. Oh well. We will definitely be going the next time they schedule this trip.

4 weeks to go as of tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

ya you guys are coming next time!!! it was wonderful and we saw lots of little babies on the other boats so we can go next year with my as of yet nameless niece :( and by the way, ryan has an infatuation with midgets too...what is with that?!? love you!