Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another baby update

I hit the 35 week mark last Thursday. As you can tell by the picture, I am a house. I probably have my own gravitational pull because, like Juno says, I am a planet. At least I feel that way. I am still getting around pretty well. Stairs are not my friends anymore and I've noticed more problems with my SPD in the recent week or two but I'm still able to get up off the couch and out of bed without any help. I'm sure John appreciates that. Everyone at work is asking when I'm going to start my leave. I'm trying to go up until I go into labor. But I think that if I don't have her by June 6, which is the Friday after my due date, I may just stop working then because my doctor did say that he would not let me go more than a week past my due date. Our next doctor's appointment is this week and now we will be going in once a week. I also wanted to get a picture of the cat in here again. You can see in the picture where his back legs are being pushed out by my stomach. Nice.

We've been using the cat to test out all our baby equipment because, since he is 18 pounds, we figure if it can hold him it can hold the baby. I don't think that he appreciates it very much. I barely got the picture of him in the stroller before he jumped out. I suppose it's a good thing that he doesn't like being in any of the things because we really don't want him to get in the habit of being in there.

I realized yesterday that we do not have a diaper bag yet which kind of freaked me out. I think the reason being that I am an organizational freak and the fact that I am not ready to transport the baby around or have all the stuff I need to travel with her really bothered me. That, along with a crib mattress (kind of key) are tops on the list of items needed. Plus mattress pads, sheets for the Pack N Play, and a diaper Champ. We finally got all the boxes that my parents shipped with our shower gifts and I started going through them this weekend. We do not have enough room for it all! I am putting the clothes in size order and trying to get all the bath items in one area, all the changing items in one area, and all the toys together somewhere. It's crazy how much stuff a baby needs.

The pictures below are of the "chair rail" that I did with leopard print ribbon. I love the way it looks. The pictures don't really do it justice. We have some things we are going to hang on the walls, we've set up the stereo system, and will be finishing off getting the crib all ready to go in the next week or so.

I was going to get my hospital bag ready this weekend but that didn't happen. Maybe this coming weekend I'll get to it. Later on this week I will post the pictures of our new tile. We had it done last week and it is awesome. We are so glad we finally hired someone to come in and get it done. John is working on baseboards and transitions. Once those are done we will totally finished with the floor renovations! I can't wait.


Jenn said...

I really LOVE the ribbon on the wall, so cute! I am glad that you found it.
I also try everything out with one of my dogs, but they weigh a "bit" less than Elvis.
You better get that bag packed if that baby girl comes early!

Kelly said...

Okay Martha Stewart, where did you get the idea to use a ribbon as a chair rail? I'm so going to steal that idea. I'll give you credit though, of course. :o)

Anonymous said...

The chair rail looks really cute! Love the leopard print.

MamaG said...

I love your nursery! It looks so cute and I also love how you test out your new things with the funny! My cat looks just like yours so I will have to remember your little trick.