Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting big!

Olivia continues to grow and grow. I love her little rolls and creases. She has them all over! My mom, sister and brother all came into town this weekend. Erin was here from Thursday to Saturday. Danny was here Saturday and Sunday. My mom got here Friday and will be leaving tomorrow. It's been crazy but it's also been great to have the help. Erin babysat for me and my mom has been getting up at night. Although of course Olivia has decided she's going to sleep pretty well for Grandma. She slept 8 hours straight last night! It was the first time she had done that, and I hope it continues once Grandma leaves. She did poop on Grandma so that was nice. Plus, I was pooped on recently as well. The shirt I was wearing was stained and dubbed "The Shit Shirt". I cracked up laughing when it happened. Of course John was at work so I had to handle it all myself. Oh well. Of course I got a picture.

Olivia loves her baths so we try to give her one fairly often. She will sit there quietly and just enjoy it. She doesn't even seem to mind when water gets in her eyes.

We have scheduled her baptism. It will be on August 24 in Austin. That way our families can be there. It's much easier for us to travel than to try to get everyone to Phoenix. Erin is going to be her Godmother, and we haven't yet picked a Godfateher. We will do that soon. We are really excited about it. I can't wait for her to meet everyone and for everyone to see her.

She also finally went to her first Diamondbacks game. She really seemed to enjoy it. She was fascinated by all the lights around her. We stayed for 3 innings and had no problems with her at all. All the noise and cheering didn't bother her at all. I think that's a good sign! Now we just have to teach her to hate the Yankees and Braves (and Cowboys!). Check out her awesome shoes!

Here are some more random picks. I did not teach her to flip the bird. I'll blame that on my husband. And I guess the cat was trying to be modest while he was laying on the ground spreadeagle.


Jenn said...

Olivia is obviously so cute, and you aren't lookin' so bad yourself! Nice work on losing the pregnancy pounds really quick!

shannon said... guys looks so happy, and olivia is so cute!! i love your blog...thank you for sharing your pregnancy journey...i can't wait to do the same soon...fall/winter.