Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to work

This is my second week back at work. The 12 weeks that I was off flew by. It's so weird to think that my baby is almost 14 weeks old. What?! Last week my parents were in town to take care of Olivia as I transitioned back into the workplace. I am really glad that they were here. It made the first week that much easier. This week she started at her daycare. And though I am only a short 5 minute drive from there, and I can see her at lunch time, I hate having to leave her there. It's a nice place. A La Petite for State employees only. But still, I don't want to have to do it. At this point, though, I don't have a choice. At least I work from home on Fridays.

As much as I hate having to put her in day care I do have to say that I have enjoyed being back at work. I really like my coworkers and what I do. It's almost like a vacation coming to work. Taking care of Olivia was a lot of fun but it was also completely exhausting. I shouldn't say was. It is. It hit me last night as I was sitting on the couch just how tired I was. She is such an easy baby but she needs us every moment that she is awake and it really does take a lot out of you. I thought I would just be relaxing, sitting on the couch with her, and while that is what we did the majority of the time, I would still have to find ways to entertain her. And there were the times where she did not want to be put down or to sit down even if I was holding her. So we would walk and walk and walk. Luckily she loves mirrors so we would sit on the bathroom counter and stare at the baby in the mirror for a while or we would go look at the pictures on the refrigerator.

At the end of every day though, there she is, waiting for me. I love seeing her little (alright, not so little) face when I walk in the door. She is always so happy and that makes it all worth it. John and I have been very lucky.

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