Monday, September 15, 2008

Is this day over yet?!

Seriously. I am having one of those days where everything seems to go wrong. To start with, I got to my car this morning (at 6:50 no less) and the battery was dead. After trying to figure out where my battery is for about 15 minutes, John had me back the car toward the street. So as I did that it started up. I don't know why. I took the car to Sam's to have the battery replaced. Luckily I didn't turn the car off when I got there because they don't carry the battery that goes in my vehicle. So I have to go across the street to Pep Boys and get it changed. By the time I get to my parking garage I am 45 minutes late for work. As I get to the 4th floor to park and take the elevator down I realize my I don't have my badge. I go all the way back up to my car and get it.

Work, work, work. At about 11:45 I get a call from the day care. Olivia is having a rough day and they are concerned because she is extremely congested, won't nap, won't allow them to lay her flat, has been extremely fussy and they wonder if there is something wrong with her ears. She hasn't had a problem eating though. I call the pediatrician and they say they can try to work us in at 2. My boss lets me leave and we agree that I will work the rest of the day from home. Great! By now it's a little after noon. I'm supposed to be giving blood for our blood drive right now. Obviously that's not going to happen. I go over to the Bloodmobile to let them know that I won't be able to keep my appointment. As I turn to leave I step in the gap between the trailer and the pull-out metal stairs and crash and burn. It was not pretty. I fall down two steps, I have my breastpump, purse and lunch bag on me, and I'm wearing a skirt. Thank goodness the person that saw me fall was a woman. So now I have three very large bruises on my left leg and one on my right hand. And now the Cowboys have won. Can it get any worse?

The pediatrician visit was the only thing that seemed to go right. They got us in immediately, nothing is wrong with Olivia, and she weighs 17 lbs. 8.5 oz! It's true. She is only 14.5 weeks old. She is a load. She loved the doctor we saw today. She smiled at him the entire time. John told her that she wasn't allowed to smile at any guys yet.

Olivia has really started talking a lot lately. She is going to be very chatty as she grows up. She has also started to take an interest in Elvis. In the last couple of days she has really noticed him walking by and she'll smile when he gets close. She is getting good at grabbing and pulling hair both on my head and on Elvis so I will have to watch that. In the picture above she is wearing a 6m-9m outfit and it is too small on her. It was pulling at the snaps. She only got to wear it once. Oh well. I have also broken down and put her in headbands. She keeps getting mistaken for a boy! I was dead set against the headbands, but I don't want people to not know she's a girl.

Thanks to all of you that called or e-mailed to check on my parents after Hurricane Ike. Everything and everyone is fine. My mom stayed through the storm and my dad was in Brussels. How he manages to miss all the big storms still amazes me. It was the same way in Denver - he always missed the blizzards. I talked to my mom on Saturday morning about 10 her time. The power was out, they were getting whacked, but the only thing that had happened was a 30 or 40 foot tall tree had fallen into her yard. The fence came down with it but it didn't hit anything so that was very lucky. She left on Sunday to go to Austin to stay with my brother and sister and she is still there. I don't know how long she will end up staying. They are projecting maybe a couple of weeks before power is back on. She did say that there was one grocery store open in The Woodlands and it's by their house, as well as a couple of gas stations. I'm sure it was a madhouse. Luckily she was gassed up and ready to go before everything hit.


MamaG said...

wow...that was a terrible day but at least Olivia just has a little cold. I can just imagine your poor thing. I am so clumsy now it is pathetic. Hope your Tuesday is going better.

Kelley said...

What a crappy day!! Although I did snicker when you said you fell with all of your gear and while wearing a skirt. Does that make me a bad friend!? ;-)

J, B, O, J & Z said...

Kell - Absolutely not. I would have done the same. I don't know how the lady that saw me didn't laugh.