Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So my parents are in town and I have had wine every night this week. I told my mom that I never drink this much unless they are here or we go to Texas to visit. And it's during the week! I am so old.

I started back to work this week and it has actually gone very well. It was difficult, of course, to leave Olivia, but knowing that my parents were taking care of her this week made it easier. I will see how things go next week when I actually have to take her to daycare. I'm thinking that I will need John to come with me that first day.

I will do a separate posting about our long weekend in Austin for Olivia's baptism. We had a blast and it just reaffirmed how much we really want to be back home in Texas. One day we will make it!

It looks like we are getting new neighbors soon. The house next door to us used to be own by an investor who rented it out. The story is that he had 6 houses here in the Valley and all of them went in to foreclosure. That was according to the people who were renting it. We're not really sure that is correct, but we're not going to complain. We are just really glad to have the people that own the house living in it. Living next to renters is no fun. Plus they had a dog that barked all the time. Of course, we're hoping to be out of here soon. A couple of weeks ago some graffiti was sprayed on the house on the other side of us and our adjoining wall/fence. It really made me angry and I told John that I didn't care if it made me sound like a spoiled brat or a snot, but I do not live in places that get graffitied. It's sad because this neighborhood was very nice when we moved in 4 years ago. Not that it's not nice now, but with all the investors that came in and rented out homes, it's kind of gone down a little bit. I guess that's just the nature of the market right now.

Here are more pics of Livi. She will be 3 months on Friday! She loves her football and will watch it almost all day with Daddy. Dad is trying to giver her Dallas Cowboys history and get her to be a fan and I am doing all I can to prevent it. We'll see which way she goes.


MamaG said...

Hi Becky! I love the new pictures and Olivia's chunky arms are sooooo cute. They just look so squezeable! Also, I was wondering if you have a regular e-mail address I could write? I have some pregnancy questions for you :) Hope your first week back at work is going well.

Jenn said...

I think that Olivia kind of looks like Danny in the picture with her bib that says "I Love Daddy."