Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is my cousin, Jason's, birthday. Happy Birthday J! And Cindy O'Halloran's, so Happy B-day to her.

It's also Olivia's 5 month birthday. And she spent it going to the doctor! Again! Ugh. If it's not one thing, it's another. I got a call from the daycare today saying that she had a rash and was extremely fussy and screamed all morning. Apparently she wouldn't take a bottle which is not like her. They were concerned because Roseola and Fifth's Disease had been going around so they wanted me to have her checked out. Long story short, she just had a cold virus that caused the rash. Once the rash shows up the kid is no longer contagious so she wasn't a threat to the other children. I had noticed some bumps on Monday on her stomach near her diaper but I didn't think anything of it. Wednesday though, when I went to pick her up, they were all over the place - belly, arms, legs, feet, neck. They aren't itchy so they don't bother her, which is a blessing. I think I caught whatever she had because my ear started to ache and I have red bumps on my chest and neck. I swear, if we ever get healthy all at the same time it would be a miracle.

John and I are hoping to get tickets to the Carrie Underwood/Little Big Town concert at Arena tomorrow night. My mom is supposed to be coming in to town to watch Olivia for us but I don't know if she's going to make it. We are working on a back-up plan, but if they don't work out does anyone want to baby-sit?

My "thing":
*One of my biggest pet peeves is static on the radio. I can't handle it. And when you schedule a group luncheon and let everyone know about it and tell them how much it is going to cost but not everyone is attending and they don't tell you so you order too much food and have to pay the extra.

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