Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas ideas

Alright, let me paint you a picture:

1. We live in one of the hardest hit real estate areas in the country (read: we owe more on our house than it is worth).
2. Brand new baby leads to 12 weeks off at only 75% pay and lots of added expenses - day care, clothes, diapers, wipes, toys, and on and on and on.
3. The State of Arizona is in the hole about $2 billion in their annual budget which means that we government employees did not get a raise this year and probably won't get one next year either.
4. The economy is crappy so organizations like the Phoenix Coyotes can't afford to give large raises or bonuses. At least John got a raise.

Okay. With all of that I need some ideas on nice, inexpensive Christmas gifts. I'm talking under $20. Unfortunately we are going to have to mail everything because we don't live near and friends or family so something that is smallish and light would be the best. Anyone have any bright ideas?

My "thing":
*Sometimes I let Olivia fuss and cry for longer than I should because I love to look at the expressions that her face makes. It's so funny. That's terrible, I know.


Kelley said...

Ugh. I am sooooo with you. I will email you with some ideas that we're doing for our gifts.

Jenn said...

Well, I am making gifts this year. Also, I am printing pictures that I have taken and putting them in frames. It is cheaper I think!

Anonymous said...

Beck! Here is an idea for you: make a donation to Wounded Warriors project in your families name....OR to Ward 57 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. This is the ward for amputees. Love, Cindy
PS: Thanks for the shout out for my birthday!