Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Okay, I want to clarify something because a comment was made to me that my last post may make some people feel like I don't want to give gifts and since I have to I want to do it cheap. THAT IS NOT AT ALL WHAT I WAS TRYING TO SAY! I feel terrible that someone would think that. It makes my stomach churn.

I wrote it because I WANT to give gifts. I want to make sure that we give everyone we love something to let them know that we care and the only way we might possibly be able to do that is to give something a bit more inexpensive than we'd like. I love giving gifts and I feel so terrible that I can't give great extravagant gifts every year. I actually got really upset on Monday when I started making our Christmas list and realized that I might not be able to get everyone something. I know everybody understands that but I still feel bad.

That's it. No "thing" today, I'm too upset.

Edited to add: The gift ideas were going to be for extended friends and family. I wasn't really including our immediate family there and I know I didn't specify that, but Kelley, you gave me some great ideas for them too. Thanks!

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