Tuesday, March 24, 2009

9 1/2 months

Olivia has passed the 9 1/2 month mark. And with that milestone came another ear infection. This one is a double. She had a fever for about 5 days before we were able to find out what the problem was. She has been on antibiotics for a week now and is feeling MUCH better. You can really tell because she is in a good mood all the time again. Her 9 month check up went well. No shots this time, thank goodness. She weighed in at 22.8 pounds (94th percentile) and was 28.5 inches (74th percentile). She is still scooting around like crazy and is a clapper. The pictures below are from the first day of her fever. I got a call from the day care saying her temperature was 102.9! But when I got her home it had gone down and we had her Dr. appointment the next day anyway, so they just said to wait and bring her in then. She acted like she felt fine.
We've taken O to a couple of Spring Training games and she has really enjoyed being out in the sun and watching all the people, but she is so fair skinned that I worry about her getting burned. Lots of sunblock goes on the girl and we try to keep her in the shade as much as possible.
John made sure to get the following picture because O is wearing her Cubs shirt and he said that this is how she feels about the Cubs. Sorry Erin, it reminds me of you in your Cowboys stuff.
This weekend I got some pictures of her in the bath. Her hair is getting really thick and longer. For a while there I thought we were going to have a baldy. This is her sweet mohawk.
As far as John and I go, we're doing fine. Same old thing with our jobs. I'm hoping there won't be another round of layoffs come July, but it's a possibility. The Coyotes are still looking for investors so we don't know what will happen there either. It's pretty up in the air. I have picked up a work from home job to help supplement my income. It's pretty nice because I can work the hours I am available, and how much I make is really dependent on how much I want to put into it. It's taking some time and effort to really get started but it's worth it if it means that at some point I'll be able to quit working and stay home with O.


Anonymous said...

you know she loves that shirt and the cubbies!! the first pic is a spitting image of her mischevious uncle mano...he agrees by the way :)

Elaine said...

Those bathtub pictures are so cute!