Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Olivia cut her first teeth this weekend! Well, actually, I don't know that it happened this weekend, but Saturday was when I felt them for the first time. They are her two front bottom teeth. It only took her 10 1/2 months. =) We took her to the Diamondbacks game on Saturday and while she was sitting on my lap she grabbed my finger and stuck it in her mouth like she always does, and there they were! You can barely see them so I don't have any pictures, but as soon as they come in a bit more I'll make sure to try to get some good shots.

Not much else going on so this will be short and sweet. O starts at her new day care on Monday. My friend Andi is going to watch her for half a day on Friday. Andi is due with her first child on May 30 so this will be good practice for her. Hopefully O won't change her mind on wanting to have a baby, though she really has no choice at this point. Thanks Andi!

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Me Too said...

If she's that bad, I'm just gonna hold Bjorn in!! :)