Thursday, July 16, 2009

This is what happens when dads try to dress their daughters

Well, this is what happens in our house. I had laid out an outfit for O to wear on Tuesday. John takes her to day care that day so I don't see her in the morning to dress her. This is what I laid out. It has pastel butterflies on the skirt, and some pink socks. John called me at work and said that she wasn't wearing what I put out for her. When I asked why he just said "She has a huge head". So apparently her head wouldn't fit through the top of the onesie and he got out another onesie. I just said that we'd use another shirt with it tomorrow and he said "Oh, she's still wearing the skirt. She may not match though." Sure enough, I show up to pick her up and this is what I see. Still wearing the pink socks, no less.I know it could have been much worse than a primary colored heart onesie paired with a pastel butterfly skirt and pastel pink socks, but it still made me laugh. This is the same guy who paired pink striped socks with a blue and brown outfit. I'll give him some slack though, those pink stripes are pretty light so he may not have been able to see them.

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