Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just everyday stuff

First, I just want to say congrats to Renee and Travis on their pregnancy. Little Rogers is on the way and I am so excited for them. Renee, I hope you've read my past posts so you know what is in store. Of course, I won't sugar-coat anything for you so send me your questions!

Jenn made O a hooded blanket and I finally remembered to send her some pictures. Here are a couple of the better ones. It's getting difficult to get a good non-blurry picture of a 13 month old.
Yes, this is her smile for the camera. I don't know why she scrunches her nose like that.
She is very good at getting food in her hair. Somehow she ended up with a yogurt melt and some broccoli up there. I used to not have to wash her hair more than twice a week. Now, it's almost every day.
O had her first taste of a sugar free kool-aid like drink and she loved it! But also got it all over her. She looks like a demon child in this picture but really she is smiling her crazy smile again.
Aunt Erin got O a bathing suit and a hippo pool for her birthday and the next pictures will tell you kind of how she feels about the pool.
Don't feel bad Erin! We're working on it. I think she's just a little frightened of the hippo head at the top of the pool. She wasn't a huge fan of it deflated either. We'll try again another time.
Our fourth of July was a nice one. We went over to Kyle, Andi and Landon's house for a bbq with them and their friends Shawna and Aaron and their son (who live in The Woodlands - small world!). We had a really great time hanging out and watching tv. No fireworks for us though. Olivia was asleep before they really got started. Hopefully one year we'll live somewhere where it is actually comfortable to go outside on the 4th and enjoy the fireworks. It's not so much fun when it's 105 out.

We also took Olivia to the mall for the first time (and to try on bridesmaid dresses for Erin's wedding - both she and John were SO excited to do that). She had a great time in the pet shop and loved laughing at the dogs play fighting with each other. Of course she enjoyed watching all the people around but got tired of sitting in her stroller so we left because dad was not about to carry around a 26 pounder the rest of the afternoon.
O had gotten an adorable 4th of July outfit from my Aunt Robin and Uncle Andy. It's a bit big on her but she wore it anyway. How cute!
These last pictures are from the Coyotes first open house which was a huge success! The city really came out to support the team and keeping it here in Phoenix. The auction for the bidders interested in keeping the team in Arizona is on August 5. Hopefully there will be a new owner soon after and decisions will be made as to cuts, jobs, etc. We're keeping our fingers crossed that things work out the way we hope that they will.


Elaine said...

Hi guys! Olivia is getting so big and cute! I love that 4th of July dress!! Hope you all are doing well!

Olivia's Bobcat said...

Aunt Erin, We need to get Livi to The Woodlands ... we'll have her swimming in no time.