Monday, August 3, 2009


So the sale of the Coyotes has been pushed back to September 10. Great. Now John gets to sit around for another month waiting to hear what is going to happen. And, to make things even better, Reinsdorf's group (the only real legit offer) is threatening to pull their bid because some confidential information was leaked and has been all over the media. Ugh. John might actually have a chance of keeping his job if Reinsdorf takes over. I think all the other options will involve a relocation. So more waiting for us on that front.

We moved Olivia to a new day care last week. It is the in-home place I blogged about earlier. We really like it so far, and so does O as far as we can tell. Those of you who know me and my family (well, my mom anyway) well will appreciate the following story that the woman who watches O told me last week. Olivia LOVES animals and the woman has 2 cats and a dog along with other barnyard animals. Apparently one of the cats, Wolfie, comes in a lot and hangs out and O just thinks that is the best. So she goes after Wolfie and squeals, screams and laughs at him. One day last week as this was happening the woman's son says, "She's loud." Yes, O has gotten my voice, and my mom's voice. We call it our "gymnasium voice". We hear it all the time at home now too and it can do some damage to the ears if she gets super high-pitched. We're going to have to watch the screaming in the future. =)

On another note, O has her third tooth! Yes, it is only her third, at 14 months. It's her top front tooth on the left side. You can't really see it yet, but you can definitely feel it. I am so glad she is finally getting more!

Also, congrats to my dad who is now officially retired! For the second time! Yay Dad! You deserve it!

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Bobcat (Patti) said...

So Livi IS taking after me in someway ... even tho it is her voice! Three generations of that ... hmmm ... bet John is thrilled?!