Thursday, October 1, 2009

Austin and more . . .

I went to Austin a couple of weeks ago to do some wedding stuff with my mom and sister. It was a blast. I documented it on the travel blog I co-own with my friend Jenn. Find it here. But here are a few pictures from dinner on Friday night at a restaurant called, appropriately, Olivia. (Awesome, by the way!)
Mom and Danny
Me and Erin, ready to eat
Olivia is a piece of work. I guess that's a nice way of saying it. She had her 15 month shots last week, but we will have to go back for her flu shot soon. They didn't have their shipment in yet. She is into everything and is extremely smart, if I do say so myself. She has her daycare lady and dad figured out, but hopefully not me yet. I don't let her get away with as much. Yes, I will be/am the disciplinarian when it comes to her. Her hair is getting really long and floppy and, combine that with the fact that she won't leave barrettes in her hair (she likes to pull them out and then try to put them back in herself), it seems that it's always falling in her face as you can see below.

My little girl LOVES LOVES LOVES to be outside. She was scared of her sandbox at first but now she can't get enough. I think she likes the cleaning off part just as much because she gets to sit on the sink in the kitchen and play with the water coming out of the spout. Luckily it is finally getting cool enough where we will be able to start going outside in the afternoons and evenings to take walks and play at the park.

She does manage to get sand all over herself, including in her mouth.
I don't know why she just decided to lie down on the floor, but she did. I guess it was nice and cool.

Some of O's favorite things are: toothbrushes (she will gnaw and gnaw on them), yogurt melts (she has figured out how to open the pantry and other doors - not good when you are trying to go to the bathroom), going outside - especially to the front yard, Elvis - she chases him and gives him her bibs to wear, her ladybug and sheep lovies (Ladybug seen in the picture above), anything with buttons and makes noise - especially remote controls or the lock/alarm key fob for the cars, BOOKS! - which I am so happy about, and anything that mom and dad have - doesn't matter what it is. I think she's a pretty typical almost 16-month old.

She had just woken up and, while it's hard to tell, she has a sweet mohawk and kinda looked like Kenickie from Grease. =)

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Patti said...

I just knew Live was going to be an outdoor person! She'll have to go and play at the "elephant park" when you guys come at Thanksgiving. Hey, Danny and I are adorable in that picture!