Thursday, October 15, 2009

Toddler puke - NOT AT ALL like infant spit-up

John and I learned this first hand yesterday.  I had just been thinking, Man, O hasn't been sick in a long time and I am so glad.  I'd even just called the pediatrician's office to find out when they thought their flu vaccine shipment was going to come in.  When I returned to my desk from a training session there was a missed call on my cell, a message on my desk phone AND an e-mail from John saying "Call me on my cell".  Oh great.

Turns out O had thrown up at her babysitters after she woke up from her nap.  Not once, but twice.  John went and picked her up about 3:30 and she proceeded to vomit in the car as well.  Fabulous.  John lucked out though because it all ended up on her and in her carseat.  Nothing got on his seats, and I really don't know how that happened.  So I stayed at work since he was already with her and told him to give her some water and crackers if she seemed hungry.  He didn't know how she couldn't be with the amount of stuff that come out of her.  Nice, honey. Thanks for that.

She perked up after getting rehydrated and ate the crap out of some crackers.  I, in the meantime, called the pediatrician's office, yet again, to see if they thought I should bring her in.  By this time she was playing and running around like normal.  She didn't have a fever or any other symptoms of being sick.  The dr.'s office said to just keep her hydrated, give her some watered down Gatorade and keep an eye on her.  They said that if she got worse or developed a fever to call.

Well, none of that happened.  She ate dinner, had a bath and was put to bed.  Shortly after John and I went out to his truck to reinstall the car seat that had been thoroughly cleaned.  When I came back in I hear her crying.  It wasn't one of those "I'm just making noise" cries.  It was a real "There's something wrong" cries that all moms learn to interpret (yes, Renee, you'll know what each cry means - I didn't think I'd be able to tell, I mean, a cry is a cry, right?  Nope.).  I walk in and she had thrown up again all over herself and her crib.  Back into the bath we go.  John stripped the bed down to the mattress, pad and all, and put new sheets on. 

Poor thing was shaking and wimpering.  I hate that feeling and it was awful seeing her going through it.  Good news is, though, she hasn't thrown up since!  I worked from home this morning to make sure she was okay.  She had breakfast and a snack while I was with her, with no return visit from the food.  So I took her over to daycare and headed in to work.

Of course then I had to go rinse out the sheet, her pajamas, and everything else.  I almost became the third victim to the puke wave going around (the cat threw up twice yesterday too - ugh). 

I had always heard people say that the vomit gets worse as they get bigger and eat solids but I didn't think it would be too bad.  I'll just say that you could tell every last thing that she had eaten.  And I don't know how her little stomach held so much.  The smell wasn't roses either.  I'm crossing my fingers that this doesn't happen again any time soon.


Jenn said...

Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Cameron had a puking spell, was fine for about 5 days and started all over again. The first time, I gagged and had to run out of the room it stunk so bad. Now I know to keep a towel handy so I can use it for myself as a gas mask to cover the grossest smell in the whole world. I am gagging right now just thinking about it.

Elaine said...

UM...... this just sounds gross! :)
I'm glad she is feeling better. Poor baby.

MamaG said...

Luckily, I haven't experienced any vomiting yet but I am sure my time will come. I am glad O is feeling better and hopefully she will stay that way. How is the new daycare situation working out?

Cindy said...

poor O! I hope she is feeling better! Becky, I remember the first time Kelley threw up and it was kind of funny! She was standing in her crib and all of sudden out of nowhere she vomits...the look on her face was like "what the hell just happened"! She was so stunned! Ahh, memories!
Take care!