Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Parties

Ugh, I know, I am so behind.  I feel like I say this a lot.  Again, I apologize.  J, O and I had some parties to attend, the biggest one being J's all-staff party at the arena.  She got to meet Howler, the Coyotes' mascot, and watch all the people ice skating and drinking hot chocolate.  We had a nice dinner too with some decorate your own cupcakes.  Very yummy.  Though I didn't get to eat much with chasing a toddler around but that's okay.  I probably didn't need it.
Here are some pictures from the all-staff party.  No player photos, sorry, though there were several of them there.

O showing us her new smile for the camera with her squinched up eyes.

I thought this one was funny.  It looks like O is almost giving us a gang sign.  Or one of those gun things that people do.

Our friends Andi and Kyle tried to get some pictures of us for our Christmas card.  O wasn't really having much of it so we stuck her stupid pacifier in her mouth.  And J looks a little drunk in one of them.  He wasn't.

We got one okay one of that round, minus the cookie in O's mouth.

These are my favorites, especially the last one.  It's one we used on our Christmas card.  O is fascinated by Howler and I love that she is reaching out to touch him.  I don't like that I look like I still have a big belly but whatever.  (On a side note I finally dropped below my pre-pregnancy weight!  But I'm probably back up above it after Christmas.  Oh well, back on the wagon!)

I had a couple of parties at work as well.  One for our agency and one just for the HR division within the agency.  Both were very nice and of course I probably ate more than I needed to.  J and I also went to a party that one of his colleagues held.  We went last year and had a blast and this year did not disappoint either.  My mom came out to watch O so J and I were out until midnight!  That's late for us!  =)  Once again we ate too much but that's what this time of year is about.  Right?

I'll be putting up a separate post about our Christmas.  It was a really nice day with the exception of some stomach issues that J and I had.  But O had a great day!

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