Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prostate Update

[ETA (1/28/10): Dad's catheter was removed on Monday and he is doing great.  Having some "issues", if you will, but it is all to be expected (you women who have had babies will probably know what I'm talking about).]

My dad had his prostate surgery about 9 days ago and is doing awesome!  I talked to him the several hours after the surgery and he sounded like he hadn't been through a major procedure at all.  I was surprised to say the least, but also very glad.  He didn't really have to use many pain meds and with the exception of a catheter he didn't/hasn't had any bad side effects other than being a little sore and having 6 new holes in his body.  He sent out an e-mail last Thursday:

Dear Family and Friends,

Just a quick note to let everyone know that everything went very well with the surgery I had on Monday.  The robot was on and so was the surgeon! 

I'm feeling remarkably well, with soreness but very little pain; to be expected with six holes in me.  The biggest pain is the catheter and associated gear that goes with it!  Hopefully that will be gone when I see the surgeon for a follow-up on Monday to remove the staples from the incisions.  I spent Monday night in the hospital and came home Tuesday afternoon.  I can sleep a lot, do light exercise (walking, stairs) but no lifting for a while.  Some would say not much of a change in my lifestyle!

After all the infection that I had pre-op, I'm hopeful that post-op will go much smoother, and it seems to be so.  I'm very pleased with the whole experience from the doctors to the hospital and nursing staff; even the food was very good!

Patti has been a real blessing for me and is my very favorite nurse!!  Can't thank her enough!

Thank all of you for your positive thoughts, advice, support and prayers.  They were a great help throughout the whole process.

We'll keep you up-dated on any further developments.



So there you go. He had his 64th birthday on Sunday and while he didn't go out he was able to have his favorite pizza for dinner.  My sister and brother drove out from Austin on Saturday to surprise him and I know he was glad to have them there.  My Aunt sent him his favorite chocolate chip cookies that she makes so I have no doubt that he was having a good day.

I haven't talked to them since his birthday but he was supposed to have his catheter removed on Monday and hopefully be free of infection (he has fought some sort of infection since his very first biopsy and the doc did say that there was still some inflammation in there but not too bad).

Thank goodness for annual exams!  Make sure you all, and the people you love, are getting the ones you need!

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