Monday, May 17, 2010

Erin & Ryan's Wedding - Part 3 (Ceremony!)

Erin and Ryan's ceremony was a full Mass and it was beautiful.  Erin looked great walking down the aisle and my dad did a nice job as well.  I just wish that I could have seen both Erin and Ryan's faces when they saw each other for the first time.  I kept trying to look back and forth but I'm sure I missed some stuff.  Luckily Jaime got some of it on video.
Her dress was perfect for her.  Very "Erin".  Her something borrowed was a pearl necklace that was our great-grandmother's and her old was a cameo that our grandmother gave to her.  It is pinned to her sash.
O and I made it down the aisle without a scene and I am so glad!  I had to hold the basket (with her pacifier inside of it) but that's no big deal.  At the end of the aisle I stopped her, handed her the basket, pointed to John and told her she needed to go sit with Daddy.  She took the basket and walked right on over to him as if she had done it many times before.  It was great.
Danny (and one of Ryan's aunt's, Carol) did readings and Danny's was in typical Danny fashion.
My mom and Ryan's mom, Sue, were the Eucharistic Ministers which was very special for them.
Just pronounced husband and wife
This is one of my most favorite pictures - a big thank you to Chris and Jim (Erin's godparents) who took this (also thank you to Jim who told me I looked really good from behind).  =)
Dad and best man Bob trying to open the champagne for the wedding party's ride to the reception.
One problem - they couldn't!
A priest even tried to help us out (maybe the power of God would help?)
Eventually the corks broke so we had to resort to a bottle opener which, of course, we got from the Church.  Sounds about right.
We just want our champagne!
Nice, Dad.
Yep, that's my new brother-in-law.  He's alright.

Once again, thank you to Jim and Chris, Sue and Sal, Jaime and Jenn and Rian for getting us some great pictures.  The photographer has some amazing pictures as well but these are just as good (and I have them now!).  I was so honored to be the Matron of Honor for my sister.  She was a beautiful bride and is a wonderful sister.  Everything at the ceremony went off without a hitch and it a lot of it wouldn't have happened without the help of our wonderful friends and family.  Sue was able to order the flowers for the church, Kristen and MaryBeth handed out the programs, Jan and Aunt Barb helped get my mom into her dress and all pinned up, and Jan did our bouquets and cocktail hour centerpieces.  If I missed anyone I'm sorry!  Everyone who helped was awesome!

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Becky- you look fantastic and so thin! Your sister looked beautiful too!