Monday, May 3, 2010

First Diamondbacks Game of the Season

We went to our first Arizona Diamondbacks game of the season on April 24.  It was a bobblehead giveaway night so of course we needed to get there early in order to get the Justin Upton version they were giving away to add to John's collection.  I got this adorable picture on the way to the game.  For some reason, even in hot weather, she loves to have a blanket over her legs and will get upset if her feet aren't covered.
An open roof at Chase Field - it was a beautiful day for baseball!
Playing on some fun stuff in Baxter's Den play area
She loved the fire engine
Checking out the kid on the motorcycle next to her
How tall?
I don't think she likes Baxter more than Howler, but it is close

We only stayed through the first two innings.  O can only handle games for so long and I have a hard time watching baseball live.  There is too much going on around me to concentrate on the game!  Plus, I like to be able to get things done while watching the game at home.  I guess it is part of my type A personality coming out.

Funny how our lifestyle has changed since O entered our lives!

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MamaG said...

I'm impressed she makes it that long. We thought about going to a Mariners game with Katie but then figured we wouldn't be able to watch much of the game. Yes, life sure does change after children. :)