Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Park

Olivia absolutely loves to be outside whether it is in the back yard chasing bubbles or out front helping John weed.  But her favorite is the park not far from our house.  She enjoys the swing the most and will only go down the slides if she is sitting on one of our laps.  Still working her way up to doing it by herself.  We try to take her in the mornings on the weekends before it gets too hot and make her run so that she'll take a good nap and give us a break too!


MamaG said...

Love the shades! Katie absolutely loves being outside too. I am glad I am having the second one during the summer so Jeff can take her out and let her run off some of that one year old energy!

Amanda said...

She is just so cute! You've got to love a little girl who already sees the value of a cute set of shades!